Why You Can’t Blame Poor Sales On The Economy

When you decide to become a writer and an author, unless you’re a salaried writer for a magazine or you’re writing under some kind of contract, you’re in business for yourself.  You need to take your business very seriously.  If you don’t, nobody else will either.

When You Work For Someone Else Your Time Is Not Your Own

If business isn’t going well, it may not be due to the economy.  It may be that you are not acting like a business person.  If you have ever worked for someone else, you know that you were expected to show up at a certain time, to stay for a certain number of hours, and not to leave until a certain time or until your work was completed.  While you were working your time was not your own.  Someone else owned it because they were paying you for it.

When You Do Own Your Time, You Must Use It Wisely

As a booklet author your time IS your own, and sometimes that’s the problem.  What many people who are in business for themselves fail to realize is that time IS money, especially when YOU own the business.  This means that if you don’t spend your business hours wisely you won’t make any money.

When people start a business or a writer creates a book or booklet, they start out excited.  But, after a few weeks that excitement begins to wane as they realize that they ARE in business.  This isn’t play time.  Too many people would rather do anything other than work.  They talk on the phone, take long lunches, go shopping, go to the beach, and do all sorts of other things that take up their day.  Before they know it the day is done and they have nothing to show for it.

Don’t Give In To Your Every Whim

There are times when you should go to the beach, go shopping, and even take a leisurely lunch out.  But, this shouldn’t be the norm.  Most of the time you should plan your outings and errands rather than going out on a whim whenever you feel like it.  Of course, an occasional whim is ok, as long as it is not a regular habit and you take care of your responsibilities to your company and your customers first.  But, the rest of the time you should be writing, creating new booklets and products, and generally working on furthering your business.  If you’re not and your business fails to bring in money for you, you can’t blame it on the economy.  You have only yourself to blame.

Get Rid Of The Fun Seekers

Take your business seriously, even if others around you don’t.  When others complain that you work too much and they want you to join them for something that (probably) requires spending money rather than raking it in, just politely say no.  After a while, those other people will either get on board with you and be in your corner because they’ll see all the money you’re making, or they’ll leave you alone and disappear because you’re no fun.

You can have all the fun you want to after you’ve made your riches.  Until then, make sure you work when you’re supposed to – that is, according to the schedule you have set up for yourself.  Make sure you get something done every day to further your business.   All those fun seekers will be still be broke when you’re rich because you stayed the course – and who will be having all the fun then?

To your riches!


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