How To Use The Seinfeld Method For Writing A Booklet

Back before Seinfeld hit the airwaves, the idea for the show was presented something like this:

Producer:  What’s the show about?

Seinfeld:  Nothing.  That’s what makes it so unique.  It’s a show about nothing.

Producer:  Hmmm.  A show about nothing.  I don’t think viewers will tune in every week, but let’s see what you’ve got.

Of course, Seinfeld was really about something, but that something wasn’t easily definable.  It was something different.  What Seinfeld was really about was normal every day living and friendships.  It was comical and fun, but it was unique and that’s why people tuned in and made the show a hit.

Seinfeld And Booklets

What’s this got to do with booklets?  Plenty!  When you write your manuscript, you need it to be about something.  A booklet that simply re-hashes old information and presents nothing new, or doesn’t present it’s content as being important or interesting will never fly.  To get your booklet off the ground you’ve got to give people a reason to “tune in,” or read your content.

Weight Loss – An Example

For example, plenty has been written about the subject of weight loss, especially in the United States.  It would seem that everything that could possibly be said about the subject of weight loss has been said, and that people are bored to death with it.   The last thing we need is another book about weight loss.  What else could be said that hasn’t been said already?  We’ve got weight loss books for men, women, children, the elderly, weight loss for your blood type, and even weight loss for your pets!

A New Perspective On Weight Loss

But, what if you gave weight loss a new perspective?  What if you decided to write a weight loss booklet using the characters from Seinfeld?  Sure, you’d need to get permission, a special license, and probably share some of the profits, but now you’ve got something, and that something is very unique.  Now you’re not writing a bland, boring text.  Anything that includes Seinfeld can’t be a dull read.

The Seinfeld Method

Consider this the next time you sit down to write a booklet or any other type of content.  Make sure your content is interesting and that it is truly about something.   This is what I call the Seinfeld Method for writing booklets.   Beating around the bush, hemming and hawing, droning on and on and re-hashing re-hashed material will only bore your market.  Beef it up!  Take the ordinary, like Seinfeld did, and make it extraordinary.  The riches will follow.

To your riches,


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