Coming Up With New Ideas For Booklets – How To Feed A Hungry Market

Once you have a booklet on the market and it’s selling, you’ll find you have a market that is hungry for more.   This is good, but you must satisfy their hunger by continually giving them new booklets and/or other products.  If you don’t, your market will either lose interest or buy someone else’s products.

You might be thinking this is easier said than done.  After all, it was all you could do to come up with a topic for your first booklet.  And now, you have to do it again.  But, it’s not as difficult as you might think.  Here are some ideas for you to consider when it’s time for you to come up with more to offer your market.

Keep A File For Your Ideas

You should keep a file just for your ideas.  You can write your ideas on paper as they come to you, and then put the paper in the file.  You should also add any articles that interest you from magazines, newspapers, newsletters and online sources.  You’ll probably never use all the ideas you come up with, but when you want to write a new booklet and you’re drawing a blank you’ll have a rich resource to turn to for ideas.

Look At Your Life Experience

Do you have a new interest that would be of interest to your market?  Have you learned something new about your subject area?  Did something recently happen to give you a new perspective on something?  Your life experience can be a valuable resource for ideas.

Other People’s Life Experience

You can also use other people’s life experience to spark ideas for new booklets.  Pay attention to the conversations you have with people as well as what you read online.  Every once in a while you’re bound to find a good nugget you can use and create a booklet around.

Your Passions

What are you most passionate about?  What do you enjoy doing so much that you would do it for free?  Your passions can provide you with ideas for entire series of booklets.  No writer has ever had a difficult time writing about something they loved or enjoyed.

Look At What You’ve Written In The Past

The writing you’ve done in the past can provide you with ideas for new booklets to write.  You can even re-use some of your old content.  You can spin new booklets from old ones, or continue writing about a subject you’ve written about before, adding more information in the new booklet.

Ideas are everywhere.  If you are continually seeking ideas, keeping your mind open to possibilities around you, you’ll find you never run out of them.  You’ll have more ideas for new booklets than you could ever use.

To your riches!


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