Why Booklet Authors Are Thriving In The Current Economy

People around the world are more tight fisted than ever.  And for many businesses this means they must either change the way they do business, or die.   But, for the booklet author, masses of tight fisted consumers are actually an advantage, and the best part is that everyone wins.

Advantages Of Booklets From The Consumer’s Viewpoint

For consumers, the advantages of a booklet are two fold.  First, they are getting the information they need, but they’re not having to wade through tons of information to find what they can use.  This saves them time.

Second, the consumer won’t have to pay as much for a booklet as they would for a book.  This saves them money.  They aren’t paying for tons of information, including that information they don’t need.  They’re only buying the facts, a portion, or certain points of information they want.

Advantages Of Booklets From The Author’s Viewpoint

For authors, the advantages of writing and selling booklets are many.  Like the consumer, you will save both time and money.  You will save time because booklets are quick to write and you can get them on the market much faster than you ever will a book.  And you can save money because booklets are far less expensive to produce than a book.  But, you have other advantages that are just as appealing and just as important.

Another advantage you have as a booklet author is that by giving only a small amount of information, you have the opportunity to create another booklet offering more of the same kind of information for your market.  For example, a book about dogs might include choosing a puppy, care and feeding of a puppy, training a puppy, and so on.  But, each of these topics could easily be a booklet all by themselves.  This gives you more products to offer your market, whereas the book author has only one.

When you have more products to offer your market by creating several booklets instead of a book, you automatically have another advantage built in.  You make more money.  While it’s true that your individual booklets won’t sell for as much as a full length book, when someone buys all of your related titles or your series, you will make far more money than the book author.

In all of this, there is yet another advantage to you as a booklet author that should not be overlooked.  You won’t have to work as hard as the book author does.  The book author writes their book, includes everything they can think of and goes to press.  You, on the other hand, will come up with many topics in regard to your subject, each of which could be a chapter in a book, but instead you will turn them all into booklets.  You won’t have to work as hard at having an array of products or booklets to offer your market.

While Other Businesses Die, Booklet Authors Thrive

Many businesses are finding it tough to survive now, and you’ve seen some go under already.  This is a trend that is expected to continue into the indefinite future.  But, the booklet author will thrive during these times.   Consumers will always need information, and they’ll be attracted to your booklets because a booklet won’t cost them as much a book.  But, once they like your information, they’ll buy more of it, giving you much larger profits.

Think of it this way.  Imagine yourself at the fair.  You buy a ticket to go on a ride.  That one ticket doesn’t cost you much, but nobody ever goes on just one ride, do they?  Before you know it, you’ve spent some serious money on those rides!  But, you had a good time and that’s what mattered to you.  Booklets are like the rides at the fair.  When they’re good, people will come back for more.

To your riches!


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