There’s Power In Your Pen – Are You Using It To Bring The Riches To You?

There’s power in your pen (or your computer keyboard, if you prefer).  The words you write will have consequences, either positive or negative, just like the words you speak.  And, like the words you speak, the words you write are out of your control once they are out in the open.  Why does this matter?  Because the riches don’t flow as a result of negative consequences.

Why Are You Writing This Booklet?

This is a question you must ask yourself before you begin to write your manuscript.  Are you writing to help a particular niche, to offer information, to entertain, to give an opinion?  When you are motivated to act on an idea, that motivation comes from somewhere.  Where does yours come from?  Is it from a sincere desire to do good and affect a group of people positively?  Or are you writing to prove a point or express an opinion?  Do you know the difference between the two?  Writing to help people is giving of yourself – your time and talent – to help others.  Writing to prove a point or express an opinion is selfish because you are thinking about yourself first, and what you want to say rather than what your market needs from you.

Think of it this way.  Firemen (and women) do their job for unselfish reasons.  There is no reason to go into a fire other than to help someone else.  In fact, our basic instincts tell us not to go in.  And, even with all the training a fire fighter has to keep them safe, their basic instincts are still there.  There must be some level of fear that cautions them not to go in, even when they know the risks and how to minimize them.  They go in, not to be heroes, but because they care about human beings other than themselves.

Do these fire fighters deserve to be paid for what they do?  Absolutely.  They put their lives on the line every day.  In the same way, you deserve to be paid for the help you give to people inside your booklet.  In fact, when you give of yourself, people the riches can’t help but flow to you.  You will be rewarded.

The Negative Side Of Writing

Just as you can use your words for good to help people, you can also use them to hurt people, including yourself.  Once you publish something, it’s out there for all to see.  Others will form an impression of you from what you write.  Your writing is the only way they will know you.

Imagine a corrupt politician (Yeah, that’s really a stretch, isn’t it?) who doesn’t care about the people he or she represents.  This politician is in office for the power, the fame, the money, or to change certain laws that they don’t care for.  For this politician, it’s all about them.  Being that politicians are in the view of the public media constantly, how well do you think things will go for this person?  Do you think they will lose their office early?  If they don’t, will they be re-elected?  It’s one thing to take a political side, it’s another to be corrupt and do things that are almost outside the law (and probably should be).  How do you think the public will view this person once they learn the truth?

Do You Want To Be The Fire Fighter Or The Politician?

Which one would you rather be?  Which one do you want the public to believe you are?  Naturally, you want to be the fire fighter – the one coming to their rescue.  When you are, the riches will flow in your direction.  But, if you’re the nasty politician, the riches will flow to someone else.  The politician will seem to have everything in order going his or her way for a while, but it will change once people learn the truth.  But for you, the writer, the negative consequences will be there from the start because all anyone will need to do is read what you have written.  There is no fancy office, no closed doors for you to hide behind.

With the words you write, you have the power to help others and create positive consequences for yourself as well as for those you “rescue.”  Remember that the next time you sit down to write.  It is an awesome responsibility.

To your riches!


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