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How To Gain Instant Credibility To Skyrocket Your Booklet Sales

Are you concerned that nobody will be interested in buying your booklet because you’re an unknown?  Every author has to start with their first manuscript.   Nobody is born a known author.   But, there is an easy way to gain credibility right from the start, which will make people want your information because they’ll view you as the best source to get it from.

It’s Not About What You Say

Your credibility has little to do with your booklet or with what you say about it.  It also has little to do with what you say about yourself.  Nobody really cares about how long you’ve studied or been in your particular field, nor do they care about your experience or your degrees.  Sure, those things are important.  They do show your expertise.  But, there are plenty of people with expertise who have no credibility as experts.

So, what is it, then, that gives you credibility?  It’s what other people say about you.  Other people’s words about you will have more weight in the minds of the public than your own words will, especially when you’re an unknown.

Piggybacking On Someone Else’s Credibility

While all words spoken or written about you or your work are important, the words of a few are really your goal.  These chosen few are those who are already specialists or experts with an elevated status in the eyes of the public, and more specifically, your market.  They may work in a field that is related to your booklet’s topic, or they may work in a completely unrelated field yet have clout through their association or their status.   These people have the credibility you need, and if they say your booklet is excellent, then your booklet will be thought of as excellent.  If they say you are a genius for bringing something new to the table, their word is as good as gold.  These people can literally stuff your bank account with money just by what they say about you or your work.

As a new author, you’d be foolish to try to build credibility on your own when you can have someone who already has credibility vouch for you.  This gives you instant credibility.  It doesn’t mean your work isn’t really that good or that you don’t deserve credibility.  You should always strive to put your best into every booklet you create, or any other product you produce.  What this is, is a short-cut to riches.  If someone credits you and your work doesn’t stand on its own, you’ll eventually lose credibility.  But, if it does, you’ll simply keep the credibility that you received from the person who gave it to you.

Individuals Aren’t the Only Ones Who Can Lend Credibility

Can’t think of any individuals that might be willing to lend credibility to your booklet?  Individuals are not the only ones who can lend credibility to you.  You can also gain it through a business, association or corporation as long as the entity is publicly known.  This doesn’t mean that the company or association needs to be famous world wide.  It does mean that the entity should be well known and well respected within your particular market.

The Key To Making Instant Credibility Work For You

The key to making instant credibility work is choosing the right people to give it to you.  These people are not going to come looking for you.  You’ve got to seek them out.  But, you’re not looking for just anyone who is well known or famous.  You’re looking for those who are respected and well known within your market.  For example, if your booklet is about how to grow roses, one type of entity you might want to pursue is associations having to do with gardening, and specifically roses.  An entity you would not want to pursue is a retailer that sells roses.  The first is considered an expert source, the second is not.

When it comes to your credibility and expert status, you don’t have to start from scratch.  Find those who already have credibility and are willing to lend some to you.  When you do, you’ll skyrocket your sales!

To your riches!


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Writing A Book? Here’s Why You Might Want To Shorten That Manuscript

If you’re like most writers, you enjoyed writing when you were in school.  Your teacher asked for a page, you wrote two or three.  Writing was probably your favorite subject, or at least very high on the list of things you liked about school.  And, since you like to write so much, writing a book manuscript probably comes naturally to you.  But, you might want to rethink that lengthy manuscript and create a booklet instead.

Let’s take a look at why you should even desire to write a booklet in the first place, as opposed to writing a full length book.

The Purpose Of A Booklet

A booklet is a not meant to give every detail of information available about a particular subject.  The purpose of a booklet is to give the facts or an introduction to a subject, or to give a small amount of relevant information.  A booklet is not a book, and it doesn’t compete with books in the market place.

What makes booklets so attractive to the public is that they are a fast read.  Most people won’t make the time to sit down and read a full length book.  They want fast information that they can understand immediately.  Booklets provide this.

The Benefits Of Booklets

For you, the author, there are several benefits to writing booklets.  The first is that they are short and easy to write.  And this benefit leads to the next one – you can get your work on the market quickly and start earning money right away.

Another benefit of writing booklets is that you can actually make more money with them than you can with a full length book.  When you have a full length book that consists of 10 chapters, your book may sell for $15.00 – $20.00.  But, if you take each of those chapters and turn them into a booklet and sell them for just $5.00 each, you now have a series of booklets that sell for a total of $50.00.  It’s the same material, it’s just packaged differently.

With benefits like these, you can see why writing less, or writing less in one publication, is better.  You can become an author, make money (and more of it) much faster with a booklet than you could with a full length book.

How To Stay Focused And Keep Your Writing Concise

Now that you know the purpose of writing a booklet and the benefits you will receive for doing so, it’s time to look at your writing.  If you like writing lengthy manuscripts, you’ll need to readjust your thinking a little.  Here are four simple tips to help you.

1)  Realize that you don’t need to include every last detail in your booklet.  You only need to include the most important ones.  You can always write a second booklet to give more information.

2) Focus on one major point and stick to it.  For example, instead of general horse care, focus on just one aspect of it such as choosing the right horse, or horse grooming.

3) Know who you are writing to and write to them.  Make sure you are writing what your audience wants to read, giving them the information they desire.  Leave out the fluff.

4) Proofread and edit your work for clarity and brevity.  Cut out anything that is unnecessary.  Make all of your words count.

There’s nothing wrong with writing a book, and in fact book authors should be commended for their efforts.  Writing a book is usually a long, tedious, drawn out process.  But, if your goal is to make money fast with your writing, a booklet is the way to do it.

To your riches,


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Selling Booklets To Resellers Presents Unlimited Quanity Sales Opportunities

When you create a booklet, it’s like opening the door to opportunity.  Once the door is opened and you step through it, a series of wonderful things are set in motion that will unfold as time progresses.  It’s like sitting down to watch a movie.  In the beginning you have all this expectation, but you don’t know where the story will take you.  You just know it’s going to be good.

Today one of those wonderful things happened for me and I want to share it with you because it will help widen your own scope of what’s really possible for you as a booklet author.

I received an email from a gentleman which simply read, “I am interested in your booklets.  Please call me.”  And he gave his name and number.  Now, this could mean any number of things.  Was he interested in a quantity purchase?  Did he need a custom booklet?  Was he looking for something to offer his website visitors in the way of content?

I called the man and discovered that he owns a business in a very wealthy community.  He is interested in my booklets for resale to the medical community – for doctors to give to their patients.  Wow!  We’re not talking about one sale here.  We’re talking about an unlimited number of large quantity sales to many different doctors, and all from one business owner!  And, these sales would be ongoing because as his own clients run out of stock, they will need to order more.  Can you see the potential here?

What this is really about is thinking outside the box.   So often we think about selling to the individual.   Perhaps from reading this blog you’ve discovered the potential for large quantity sales to corporations and big business.  Now, I am presenting  an even better opportunity for you – for making large quantity sales to resellers.

Of course, you should continue to sell your booklets to everyone, from the individual to the big business to the reseller.  Every opportunity for a sale presents opportunities for further sales.  You don’t know who your customers know.  If they like your booklet, it is very likely they will refer other people to you.  So, you should always make the sale even if it’s only for one booklet.  But, always be thinking big because as your own booklet journey unfolds you’ll find amazingly wonderful things will happen for you too – big things!

Are you ready to open the door to opportunity and step through it?  Not sure where to start?  Need a little help?  I would be thrilled to answer all your questions and help you get started on the right track.  I’ve helped many booklet authors in various stages of the process and saved them both time and money.  I can do the same for you.  What’s more, I guarantee that our time together will be productive for you and your questions will be answered.  If you’re not completely satisfied at the end of our time together, I will refund 100% of every cent you paid right back to you.  My fee for a 30 minute consultation by phone is a measly $149.00, but this price will go up soon.  So, if you are interested in a consult with me personally, I wouldn’t wait.  You can contact me by leaving a comment on the blog, and I will get in touch with you to make an appointment.  It’s that easy!

To your riches,


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Traditional Publishing Houses – Are They Your Friend Or Foe?

Have you been wondering whether you should submit your booklet manuscript to a traditional publisher?  Many authors feel publishing will be much easier if they can just find a publishing house to take care of the work for them.  But, there are some things you should know which just might make you rethink sending your work to a traditional publisher.

Few Publishers Accept Booklet Manuscripts

The majority of publishing houses in the U.S. are looking for full length books.  Authors who are trying to have a full length book published can attest to the fact that even with many different publishers to choose from, it is difficult to find a publisher willing to give you a contract.  There are more writers than publishers, and with a vast amount of manuscripts to choose from publishers can afford to be picky.

The Economy Has Forced Publishers To Publish Less Material

Newspapers and magazines that have been in business for years have shut down, and many bookstores have closed their doors due to the lack of consumer spending.  This is one of the major factors which has forced publishers to cut back on the amount of manuscripts they will accept for publication.  The other major factor is the rise in costs of paper and ink.

In the past, publishers could afford to take a chance on a newcomer to the publishing arena.  Now, they want someone who has a proven track record.  Publishers can no longer afford to take chances, no matter how good your manuscript may be.  They are looking for a guarantee that your work will sell.

With Publishers It’s Never About The Author

When you have a contract with a publisher, it’s always about them.  It’s never about you.  The publisher has to look out for their business, their stock holders, their employees, their profits, and their assets.  Authors are a dime a dozen as far as the publisher is concerned, unless your name happens to be J.K. Rowling or you’re a famous celebrity or you have a proven track record.  Publishers are not concerned about running out of manuscripts to publish.  There is more than an ample supply of those.

You, on the other hand, must be concerned about your business, your profits and your assets.   You want and need to make money – something you can’t do when the publisher is taking the majority of profits from your work.   As the sole publisher of your work, you keep all the profit from every sale you make.  There is nobody else telling you that they will take the lion’s share and give you the crumbs that are left over.  You get to keep it all!

Also, should you choose to self publish, you will keep control of  your work.  Did you know that a publisher can change the title of your work, make final decisions on cover design, and even decide when or if they will make your work available to the public?  As the author of the work you might have little to no say in these decisions because the publisher is the one in charge, not you.  You’re simply an outside contractor.  It’s almost as if they think they’re doing you a favor by accepting your work and publishing it, so they don’t need to be concerned about asking your opinion on all the little details.  They’ve been in the business a long time so they know what they’re doing, right?  If they know what they’re doing then why are they having such a difficult time selling books in the first place?

Self Publishing Booklets Is Easy And Inexpensive

As much as booklets are quick to write, they’re also very inexpensive to produce when compared with a book.  Self publishing a booklet is easy.  To publish your work simply means making it available to the public.  So many people think there is some hidden secret to publishing a book or booklet, that you have to be an insider in the industry to know what to do.  That idea has certainly kept the publishers in business for a long time.  But, new technology has allowed authors to publish their work themselves, and shed light on the truth that publishers didn’t want us to know – that anyone who wants to can do this!

Given that self publishing is easy and inexpensive, you can keep control of your work and keep all the profits, why would you even consider going through a publishing house?

To your riches,


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How To Make More Money With Less Effort

Have you ever become interested in something new, quickly learned all you could about it, perhaps even written about it, and then moved on to something else?  Maybe you just got tired of that new thing because it wasn’t so new anymore.  Or you might have pursued it so hard that you got burned out and you were no longer interested in it.  It might have been a new hobby, or even a new job.

This happens to all of us at one time or another, but when you become a booklet author you need to stay focused on your booklet’s topic or you’ll lose any status you have with your audience.

Choose Your Topic Carefully

Before you ever write your manuscript you need to choose your topic very carefully.  It should be something that you have a great deal of experience with or knowledge about, and it should be something that interests you.   You want to be sure that the topic will be interesting to you for a long time because once your booklets are on the market you’ll be known as an expert in that topic.  People will come to you for answers, and they’ll expect you to create more booklets and other materials that pertain to the same subject.

Stay In The Loop

Some authors think that once their booklet is on the market the research and education on their booklet’s topic is over.  But, not staying on top of the latest developments or continuing to educate yourself on your subject is a huge mistake.  If you put your booklet on the market and you cut all ties with your subject, you’ll eventually lose your edge and your credibility in the market place.   You must continually imerse yourself in your subject to keep it fresh in your mind.

Advancement Is The Key Than Unlocks The Treasure Chest

As you stay involved with your subject and constantly study it and stay informed, you will advance through the ranks to the top.  The more knowledge you gain, the more you have to write about.  This allows you to easily create new booklets to sell to your market, as well as other products that will interest them.

Many authors barely scratch the surface of what’s possible in the way of product sales because they’re out of the loop.  They write something, put it on the market, make a few dollars and move on to the next thing.  They don’t take the time to advance.  If they would just stay current with their subject, their job would be much easier and they would make more money with less effort.

How about you?  Will you get off to a running start only to fizzle out after a short time?  Or, will you advance in your knowledge and experience, create new booklets, and keep satisfying the hungry market you already have?

To your riches!


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What To Consider When Making Large Quantity Booklet Deals

After your booklet is completed and you put it on the market, you’ll find yourself talking with a number of people and considering a variety of “deals.”  This may sound very exciting to you, and it is, but you need to look at every deal with a bit of skepticism and not get caught up in the excitement too much.  If you do, it could cost you big.

Look Out For #1

The first thing you need to realize is that a deal is only good when it is beneficial to you as well as to the company you are dealing with.   Most companies are quite good at making sure that a deal is good for them.  But, it’s not their job to make sure the deal is good for you.  That is your job.  You have to be the one to look out for your interests in every deal you enter into, because if you don’t, nobody else will do it for you.

What To Consider When Making A Deal

When you’re in the process of making a deal your first thought should be about the company you’re dealing with.  Why?  Because it’s easier to persuade them to sign on the dotted line when you are able to remind them of what they stand to gain.  If they aren’t going to be helped in some way by making a deal with you, why would they want to?  So, make sure you’re clear on the benefits the company will receive from the deal.

Next, consider the benefits you will receive.  Naturally, the main benefit will be money in your bank account, but there are other benefits to consider as well.  For example, will you receive any kind of publicity from the deal – such as being mentioned in the company’s newsletter?  Does the company have more than one location that would be interested in making a deal with you?  Will your booklets be going to employees or customers?  If they’re going to customers your booklets will be reaching a much larger market than if they’re going to employees.  These things are all considerations for you to take into account.

You need to be sure to make a profit, but sometimes a company will need you to come down on your price.  If you have the room to do it, and you stand to gain other benefits such as publicity or a wider market which receives your booklet and therefore discovers you, it just might be worth it.

If The Deal Isn’t Good For You Change It Or Walk Away

When you are in the midst of making a deal, nothing is set in stone until the paperwork is signed.  Many negotiations will be made back and forth until both sides are in agreement.  If the deal is not a good one for you, suggest something better.  Most of the time, the company will agree to your suggestion.  If they don’t, they’ll come back with a suggestion of their own, and then you have the opportunity to agree or make another suggestion.

If a company refuses to listen to your suggestions and won’t negotiate, thank them for their time and walk away – unless the deal is good for you as is.  If you don’t do this you’ll kick yourself later because it can cost you big in the way of money, and even the rights to your own work.

Look out for yourself and your interests, make sure your deals are fair to both sides, and you’ll make some very good money.

To your riches,


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Why You Don’t Have To Be A Genius To Write A Booklet And Make Money

Would you like to be a successful booklet author but you’re worried that you don’t have the skill or knowledge to make it happen?  Put those thoughts right out of your head!  Anyone can do this!  You don’t have to be some kind of genius to be successful.

Mediocre Is Better Than Perfect

You’ve probably read something at sometime in your life where you said to yourself, “I could have written this better.”  And you know what?  You could have.

There is plenty of mediocre material on the market today.  Sure, you want yours to be the best you can make it.  And, if you need to take a few writing classes to polish up your grammar and spelling or write more clearly you should do it.  But, don’t worry about perfection because you can never obtain it.  The people who write mediocre material certainly don’t concern themselves with it, nor do those who publish that mediocre material.  They’re more concerned with getting the work done and on the market so they can make money.  And that should be your main concern as well.

Fast Is Better Than Slow

You want to get your work to market as quickly as you can – especially if you’re writing about a hot topic that is current in people’s minds.  Why?  Because there are probably several hundred other writers out there all writing about the same thing, and the sooner your booklet hits the market the more money you’ll make for your efforts.  He who arrives last gets the smallest piece of the pie!

When you’ve got this kind of competition, there is no time to waste.  You create your manuscript, revise it once, proofread it for errors, and then let it go.   If you agonize over it for weeks on end, constantly worrying about every little imperfection that might exist in the text or concerning yourself with trivial matters, your competition will be crush you.

So, don’t worry that you’re not a good enough writer to create your booklet.  Just go ahead and do it.  Get it out there so that those who need it can benefit from it and you can put those riches in your pockets!

To your riches!


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