What Copyright Has To Do With Riches

You’ve worked hard to create your booklet manuscript.  Should you copyright it?  According to some experts you should.  Others will tell you it isn’t necessary.  So, should you copyright your work or not?  The answer is – it depends.

Not All Booklets Need A Copyright

While you might be inclined to jump right into getting a copyright on your booklet the moment your manuscript is done for fear of someone else stealing your work, you should ask yourself first how you plan to use that booklet.  Will this booklet be used to bring you income, notoriety, or both?

If you’re hoping only to gain notoriety, it might be best NOT to copyright your booklet.  Why?  Because this allows others to share your work.  You might stipulate that your work can be shared as long as your by line remains with it, or your author information so that you will get the credit you deserve.  But, if you want to gain notoriety as an expert a copyright can actually work against you.

Allowing people to freely share your work can work in your favor by getting your name out to those who might never have heard about you otherwise.  If you have other booklets and products which you sell, those who liked your copyright free booklet will be inclined to buy your other items.

When A Copyright Is Necessary

You should copyright your booklet if you plan to sell it and you don’t want anyone else to be able to claim it as their own work.  Now, having a copyright won’t stop the true pirate from stealing, but if you catch him you will have legal grounds for prosecution.

The internet is an easy place for people to pirate the works of others, and if you don’t want your work shared without permission or sold without you making a profit from it, then a copyright is your only protection.  Be aware, however, that if someone from a country other than your own steals your work, you may have a very difficult time prosecuting them.

Copyrighting your work can bring you riches by protecting your work and making you the only source from which to obtain a copy.  It can also hinder your riches by not allowing your work to be shared freely.  Only you can decide which way is best, depending upon what you need your booklet to accomplish for you.

To your riches!


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