How To Keep Your Writing Skills Sharp In Between Projects

Booklets are a great opportunity for writers to become authors, but once you are a booklet author you don’t want to rest on your laurels.  You still need to keep your writing skills sharpened because you never know when you’ll get the idea for another project, or when someone will come to you and want your help with their project (in exchange for a hefty sum!).  You’ll also need those writing skills for marketing your booklet.

The First Rule For Keeping Your Writing Skills Sharp

In order not to lose your edge with your writing and keep your skills refined, the first rule to follow is to write something every day or as often as you possibly can.  If you write a booklet and you haven’t written anything in years, you may find getting started a little difficult.  But, once you get rolling the writing will get easier.  When your manuscript is completed, if you stop writing until you get the idea for another project, you will find it difficult to get started again.

Writing every day keeps your mind exercised in the craft, and it will come much more easily to you when you really need it for another manuscript or other project.

What To Write To Keep Your Skills Sharpened

You don’t need to write page after page every day in order to keep your writing honed to perfection.  A little bit will do just fine.  And if you write a little every day, not only will your skills stay sharp, they will continue to improve!  Here are a few ideas you can use to make sure that when you start your next booklet or project, you’re writing is polished and ready to go.

1) Keep a journal. You can write as little as a paragraph each day.  In doing so, you may even spark ideas for booklets you would like to write.

2) Write a blog. Blog posts don’t have to be lengthy, and you can create a blog on any subject you wish.  You don’t have to make your blog public if you don’t want to.  You can keep it private and only use it for the purpose of keeping your writing skills sharp.

3) Write articles. There are many websites that will allow you to write articles, and this is an excellent way to keep your writing tuned up and professional.  You can write articles on any subject you wish.  Most sites don’t pay you to write articles, but a handful of them will.  You can also write articles for clients on some sites, and these will pay you.

4) Write letters or email. While it isn’t quite the same as writing a blog or articles where you choose a topic, even letters and email will force you to think about what you are writing and can be a good exercise.

The writers who rake in the riches are professional, and the professionals write everyday.  If you want what they have, you should do what they do!

To your riches!


PS:  WEBSITE UPDATE – After a month long absence my coder has finally gotten in touch with me again.  He is finally making the changes I requested of him and we should have this website done shortly (I hope!).  This has been one very long, drawn out ordeal but I’ve learned quite a lot through it – mainly that I’ll be using a different coder next time!  Stay tuned….

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