How To Avoid Writer’s Remorse

It’s a fact – what goes into print stays around forever.   This is true whether yours is a physically printed hard copy, or strictly an online ebooklet.  Because your words have permanence, you need to be careful about what you write.  Even if you could collect every hard copy you have ever sold, or somehow take back every ebooklet from everyone’s computer who has ever downloaded a copy from you, the damage would already be done because you cant’ wipe away the memory of those who have already read your information and been affected by it.  Here’s how to avoid writer’s remorse.

Check Your Facts

When you present facts in your booklet, make sure they are from a reputable source and that they are true.  It only takes one person who is knowledgable about your subject to discredit you if your facts are incorrect.  It is a good idea to list your sources so that readers know how you got your information and if they don’t believe you they can look up the information for themselves.

Avoid Making Examples Out Of Real People

If you’re writing a booklet about divorce, it is a bad idea to use your ex-spouse by name in your booklet to make a point.  While it’s ok to mention that you have been through a divorce and that gives you credibility for writing the booklet, it is not ok to name names.  Not only could you be sued for doing so, but it makes you look bad as a writer and as a person.  It makes you appear vindictive, angry, and possibly petty – none of which is conducive to making the sale.  It is much better to handle topics related to your own experience in an impartial manner without naming names.

This applies to any and every topic, the only exception might be if you were writing about a long dead criminal, such as Jesse James, who has gone down in history as being a bad guy.  Even in this case, however, you would still want to be certain that your facts are accurate.

Never Give Less Than Your Best

As a writer and booklet author, you should always make sure that what you are writing is your very best work.  That means your facts are straight, your information has been well researched if needed, and your information is as clear and timely as possible.  Never put anything that is second rate on the market.  If you do your public will know it and you’ll kick yourself later.  Every time you publish you are committing that work to permanence.  You might be able to revise it later, but you won’t be able to erase any negativity you created with your work from people’s minds.  Always remember this when you write.

To your riches!


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