Selling Booklets – How To Avoid The Kiss Of Death

Do you know what the kiss of death is for a writer?  It’s being boring.  No matter how great your information is, if it isn’t presented to your market in an interesting way they won’t bite.  Today, more than ever, it is important to get your market’s attention, and if you bore them you’ve lost them forever.  Here is how to grab their attention.

Your Front Cover – Attention Getter Or Snoozer?

It can’t be stressed enough that your front cover is the first thing a potential buyer sees, whether they are looking at a physical copy of your booklet, or an online photo.  Your cover must compel the reader to want to read what’s inside.  It should NOT say, “psssst!  Over here.  Take a look at this.  You might just find something of interest here.”  Instead, your cover should SCREEEEEEEEEEEAM, “HEY!  YOU!!!  THIS IS FOR YOU!  THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!  RIGHT HERE!  YOU NEED THIS!  YOU WANT THIS!  YOU GOTTA HAVE THIS!  IF YOU DON’T, YOU’ll KICK YOURSELF FOR PASSING IT UP!”

Every aspect of your cover, from your title, to any photos or artwork you include, to your cover’s colors, should make the potential reader want to know what’s inside.  If they don’t care about what’s on the cover, they won’t care about the content inside either.

Your Content – Does It Deliver And Hold Attention?

Your front cover will create a certain expectation in your potential reader.  Once the reader opens your booklet, that expectation should be met, and if at all possible you should deliver more than is expected.  Giving your readers something extra is a good will gesture on your part and makes them like and trust you.  Your readers will know that they will always get more than their money’s worth when they buy from you.

Giving your readers more than they bargained for is only half the equation, however.  If you give them more information than they expected but it bores them to death, they won’t come back for more.  You must present that information in a way that is compelling and engaging, and that won’t put them to sleep.  This means avoiding long, drawn out sentences and large blocks of text.  It means writing snappier and getting your ideas across in as concise a manner as you possibly can.  It may also mean adding design elements to your pages for eye appeal.

Your Back Cover Counts Too

Your booklet’s back cover is nearly as important as your front cover.  It should be attractive, and any text on your back cover should be interesting to read.  That text may not only appear on your back cover, but you can use it online as a short description of your booklet – so it had better be good!

Writing that is boring, whether on your cover or in your content, is the kiss of death.  Make sure yours gets and keeps attention!

To your riches,


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