Your Booklet’s Cover – Does It Sell?

When you create a booklet, you are in no way creating anything that is inferior to a book.  Just because a booklet is a smaller publication does not mean it is any less professional in it’s presentation.  You should give your booklet the same kind of care and attention that you would a full size book in both content and eye appeal.

Why An Eye Appealing Cover Is Important

While your booklet’s content is important, your cover is what will usually be seen first.  People will see your cover when they look at a printed hard copy of your booklet, and then based on that, they may open it to view the content inside.  If your booklet is selling from a website, a photo of the cover may be all people are able to view of your actual booklet.  A write up is still important, but a clever write up with a poorly designed or bland cover will often deter people from buying online.

You need an eye appealing cover, because people won’t be able to read your content until they pay for it.  This is true even for ebooklets.  People must make a decision based on something, and that will most likely be your write up and your cover.  They need to feel comfortable that this is a professional product and not something that you slapped together using your computer and home printer and a few staples (as many websites tell you to do).  A professional looking cover will reassure them that they are making a wise purchase.

What Makes A Cover Appealing

There are some basic elements that make a cover attractive to the buyer.  They are:

  • Readability
  • Clarity
  • Good Use Of Color
  • Photos & Artwork

Let’s take a look at each of these elements.


First, your cover’s title and information should be readable.  Using a font that is too small, to light or dark against the background, or that is too full of flourishes will render it difficult to read if not impossible.  If people can’t read your cover, they’ll quickly dismiss it and move on to something else.


Next is clarity.  Your cover’s title and other information should be easy to understand so your potential buyers don’t have to guess what your booklet is about.  The information you include on your cover should speak to your intended market loud and clear.


While some may consider color to be a secondary issue, poor use of it can make a booklet cover very unattractive.  A plain white cover with a title on it and nothing more is bland and boring.  At the opposite end of the scale, too many colors will be unappealing and make the cover look muddy or difficult to look at.  Color should be balanced and carefully chosen to reflect the content inside the booklet.

Photos And Artwork

Nothing enhances a cover like photos and artwork.  The key to using these is making sure that photos are clear and really depict the content inside, and that the artwork is professional.  Photos and artwork should not take attention away from your title.  Rather, they should enhance the image your title projects to your potential buyer.

Your cover is a major selling point for your booklet.  Make it work for you!

To your riches!


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