Pay Attention To This And Reap Riches, Ignore It And Eat Soup The Rest Of Your Life

When you think about writing your booklet, what comes to your mind?  The money you’ll receive from sales?  Being a sought after expert on your topic?  The writing process?  The publishing process?  These are all valid thoughts, but there is something you’re forgetting and it’s the most important thing of all – your market.

The market to which you are writing should be your first consideration before you ever write a word.  Otherwise, you could end up with a booklet that doesn’t sell.  Your market has a certain set of requirements and preferences, and if your booklet doesn’t meet their standards they will not buy from you.  To get a better understanding of this, let’s take a look at one market – baby boomers.

Know Their Preferences And Requirements

Baby boomers are a very broad market, and they could easily be divded into several sub-markets.  But, there are some preferences and requirements that all of them have as a majority which we can consider here.  So, imagine that you want to write a booklet for baby boomers.   To do this, you must know something about them.  You must know what they like (their preferences), and what they need (their requirements).

A vast majority of baby boomers are retired.  They enjoy hobbies that they didn’t have time for when they were working.  They also enjoy traveling.  These are good things to consider when you are formulating your topic for your booklet.  Another fact for your consideration is that many baby boomers have pets, especially small dogs.  Once the children have left the nest, often moving far away, a pet will take their place to give this segment of our population some company and something to care for.

Baby boomers have seen their share of hard times, and because of this they are careful about how they spend their money.  But, they are also one of the wealthiest segments of our population.  They have money to spend, they are just choosy about what to spend it on.

Because baby boomers are aging, they are concerned with diet and nutrition.  Anything that helps them feel more energetic and lively is welcomed.

Putting It All Together To Create A Booklet That Sells

As you can see, there are many things to take into consideration when writing for this group of the population.  Not all of these will apply to your topic or your booklet, but not taking any of these things into consideration could mean missing an important angle that would help you with sales.  For example, imagine you would like to write a booklet about why owning a dog can enhance a baby boomer’s life.  The fact that many of them do own dogs means that this is a viable idea for a booklet.  But, you can make it even more desireable by combining it with the fact that boomers like to travel.  Now, your booklet topic might be about choosing the right dog for a travel companion for baby boomers.  Or, you might include a section in your booklet on traveling with a dog.  Either way, you’ve created a more desireable product for your market.

There is another consideration for this particular market, and that is they general require larger print.  While the other considerations might be preferable (things they don’t have to do but they like to do, like traveling), larger print is definitely a requirement for any kind of printed material.  You can create a fabulous booklet on the best subject for boomers that has the most up to date information available, but if the text is too small they will neither read nor recommend the booklet.

Your Delivery Method Matters Too

Printed material isn’t the only way to offer your information.  When you consider your market, part of that consideration is knowing how they like their information delivered.  Baby boomers may prefer a printed booklet with large print, or they may like an audio version of your booklet on cd.  If you’re writing to an age group of 30 years and younger, they may prefer to receive their information online, in which case you would create an e-booklet.

Knowing what your market wants and needs is vitally important to making the sale.  Without that information, you’re taking blind shots in the dark.  With it, you’ll come out a winner every time.

To your riches!


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