How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Gold Mine

Have you ever started a new hobby that excited you?  If so, you probably spent every spare second you had learning about and doing your hobby.  You ate, slept and breathed that hobby and it still wasn’t enough.  You wanted more.  You may have bought books and subscribed to magazines about your hobby, purchased equipment or supplies or other related merchandise, and you may have even bought some unrelated merchandise that identified your hobby such as a t-shirt with a related phrase on the front or a key ring with some cleverly related saying.

Golf – Every Merchant’s Dream

Golf is one example of a hobby which consumes it’s participants.  Most golfers are not pros, but don’t tell them that!  They’ll buy just about anything that is golf related, especially if they think it will help them win the game more often.  Golf is very profitable for merchants who sell anything related to the sport.  But, the same can be said for just about every hobby, whether it’s playing chess, collecting and creating model railroads, needlepoint, or gourmet cooking.

Hobbyists Will Snap Those Booklets Right Up

For every hobby there is a niche of people who are willing to buy anything and everything related to that hobby because, like you when you first started a new hobby, they just can’t get enough.  This means that a booklet written about any particular hobby will be well received by those who participate in it.

When most people begin a hobby, they want fast, concise information so they can get started right away.  Then, once they get going, they’ll want more detailed information.  Your booklet will be just the thing to help people get an overview of their hobby, and get the basics they need.  They’re fired up and ready to go.  They don’t want to sit down and read a book.  They want to participate in their chosen hobby now!  Your booklet will help them do that.

They Will Come Back For More

Once people buy your first booklet they will come back to you for more.  This gives you the opportunity to create and sell more booklets to the same buyers.  Hobbyists are a hungry crowd when it comes to information about their chosen passtime.  If they buy a booklet from you about basic doll collecting, they’ll probably buy your next one on dolls from the ’50’s, and your next one on dolls from the ’60’s, and so on.  They’ll come to appreciate your information because it is brief, but informative – giving them just what they need for a minimal amount of time spent.

If you’re searching for a topic to write about, you may need look no further than a hobby you enjoy.  By creating a booklet or a series of booklets about your hobby, you can literally turn it into a gold mine!  Ask anyone who sells golf merchandise and they’ll tell you that there are riches in hobbies!

To Your Riches,


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