The One Thing That Will Bring You Riches And Further Your Goals More Than Anything Else

When you hear the word “invest” you probably think of money.  Most people do.  But, there is something far greater than money that you possess which you can invest.  Before we look at that, however, let’s look at why people invest in the first place.

Why People Invest

People invest to gain something.  When you invest money in the stock market, you hope that you will gain a return of more money than you originally invested.  The same can be said for any kind of monetary investing, such as real estate.   While most people who buy a home do so to live in it, they also hope that they will one day reap a return on their investment.  To help this process, they may remodel part or all of the home, or add accessories to it not only for themselves to enjoy, but also to help the home be more desirable to a potential buyer.  But, money isn’t the only thing you have to invest, and as stated above, there is something far greater you possess that you can invest and reap a great return from.  And in fact, without it, you would have no money to invest.

A Far Greater Kind Of Investment

So, what is it that you can invest that is far greater than money and why can it bring you a much greater return?  The answer is your time.  Every day, all of us have some time available to us to use for anything we want to.  That time is your most valuable asset because once it is used you can never have it back.  The clock is ticking for all of us.

But how, you ask, can your time bring you a far greater return than an investment of money?  And what does any of this have to do with booklets anyway?  We’ll get to the booklets in a moment.  But, to answer the first question, you must realize that without an investment of time you would have no money.  When you work, whether for yourself or someone else, you put in time and reap a return.  An employer pays you for your time – either an hourly wage or a salary.  If you did not put in that time for the employer, you would not be paid.  The same is true when you work for yourself.  If you don’t put in some time to do your work, you will not be paid for it.  Therefore, we must invest our time before we can reap any riches.

When we invest money, we will hopefully gain money back.  But, when we invest our time, we gain much more.  We achieve something that we wanted to achieve in order to help us live the lifestyle we intend to.

What Investing Has To Do With Booklets

Now that you understand what your most valuable asset is and why it is so important, let’s take a look at how it relates to booklets.   To do this, let’s use the real estate example above.  Imagine that you want to build a house to live in.  You find a vacant lot, and you hire a builder.  You build the most beautiful home you can afford, and you enjoy living in it.  Over time, you improve upon the home as money allows, adding another bedroom or two, a hot tub and swimming pool, and maybe a pool house.  You might even add a wet bar just for fun.  You also improve the yard, adding more trees and flowers and shrubs, or perhaps a walk through garden.  And then, one day, you sell the home and reap a huge profit because of the time and care you put into the home.

A booklet is just like that home.  When you begin, you have only a vacant lot – an idea.  Then, you being to construct your manuscript.  Not long after that, your manuscript is finished and you produce your booklet and reap a reward from the time you have invested in it.  But, after a while, you might continue to improve that manuscript just like the home was improved upon after it was built, making changes to it or updating it.  Or, you might continue your information in a series of booklets based on the original, which would be like adding new rooms onto the original home.

In order to begin your booklet journey, a small investment of time is required.  Nothing more.  And to continue to reap the riches from your booklet(s), you must continue to make small investments of time into it.  Your time is what will bring you the riches and further your goals more than anything else.  Treat your time with the respect it deserves.  It is not a renewable resource!

To your riches!


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