Five Obstacles That Stand Between You And A Finished Booklet And How To Overcome Them

Have you been wanting to write a booklet but you just don’t think you can?  While there are many reasons wanna be writers never start their manuscript, there are 5 main obstacles that keep them from achieving their dreams.  Those obstacles are:

1) Lack of time

2) Lack of writing skill

3) Lack of knowledge in the subject the writer would like to present

4) Lack of knowledge of the publishing process

5) Lack of money

You’ll notice that a lack of interest isn’t listed.  There are plenty of people who have the desire to write.  But, they never start because they see one of the above items as an obstacle in their way that is too great for them to overcome.  Any writer, however, can conquer each of these obstacles and not only come out on the winning end with a finished booklet, but profit from it as well.  Let’s take a look at each of these obstacles one at a time.

Lack Of Time

Lack of time to write is the biggest reason most people cite for not writing their manuscript.  This is understandable in the case of a book, which can take anywhere from several months to several years to write.  It’s easy to lose your momentum and get burned out when a project takes this long.  Booklets, however, are generally only a few pages long and only cover the basics or part of a topic.  Therefore, they take very little time to write.  Some booklet authors have created an entire manuscript in just 24 hours!

Lack Of Writing Skill

Some writers never feel their writing is good enough.  They write and rewrite, and then rewrite some more.  The truth is nobody’s writing is ever perfect.  Even the pro’s use editors to help refine their work.  You should never feel that your writing is not good enough for publication, no matter how rough it is.  The mere fact that you have something to say to the world is proof that you are the one to write it.  If you really feel your writing needs improvement there are two things you can do.  Take a class and write often.  The more you write the better at it you will become.

Lack Of Subject Knowledge

So, you want to write a booklet about self defense but you don’t know the first thing about it?  Take a class.  Interview An Expert.  Read up on the subject.  Borrow videos or dvd’s from the library.  There are many ways to acquire the knowledge you need in order to write the booklet, and if you are truly interested in the topic you’ll find the research fun!

Lack Of Knowledge About The Publishing Process

Some knowledge is learned through books and teaching, while other knowledge is discovered in the doing.  While there is a basic process to publishing, the route to getting published can vary greatly from one author to another.  This is especially true when you are self publishing your work.  The best thing to do is simply to get started and cross each bridge as you come to it.  Publishing comes only after your manuscript is created.  Therefore, it stands to reason that the best thing to do is not to concern yourself with the process, but rather to begin by writing your manuscript and then deal with the next step when you are confronted with it.  If you take it one step at a time, you will go through the publishing process automatically.

Lack Of Money

While it’s true that it takes a large sum of money to publish a book, it takes little to nothing to publish a booklet.  Because booklets contain so few pages, they cost far less to produce than books do.  And if money is really tight and you have nothing to create printed copies with, you can publish your booklet as an ebooklet, and print hard copies later when you have the funds.  Also, you can move through the publishing process at your own pace, which includes moving to the next step when you have the funds to do so.  And, not every step of the process requires payment.  Writing your manuscript costs nothing.

If you really want to write a booklet, don’t let these or any other obstacles stand in your way.  Every obstacle can be overcome.  Just keep moving forward to the next step and soon you’ll find that your booklet is completed and you’re profiting from your work!

To your riches,


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    • Thanks for the “plug” on your blog! I’m glad you enjoyed reading mine!

      And congrats on getting your booklet done! You’ve accomplished something that most will only “wish” they could do.



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  3. No problem, good luck with your endevoures

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