Author’s Self Published Title Outsells His Traditional Publishing House Books

Travel writer, Tim Leffel, decided to write a travel book after the birth of his first child.  The book did so well, he later got a contract with a traditional publishing house to write other travel books.  But, his first title, which he self published, has been outselling his later, traditionally published books.

You don’t need a traditional publisher to make money from your writing.  You also don’t need to write a full length book.  I can see a missed opportunity for booklets (yes, booklets – as in plural!) in the very niche that this gentleman is writing for.

Here is the story.  May you be inspired!

To your riches!


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2 responses to “Author’s Self Published Title Outsells His Traditional Publishing House Books

  1. Kim,

    Great blog theme. I often suggest to hopeful authors that they write a booklet FIRST. Not only can they use a booklet to test the market for their topic/genre, but they will learn something about the publishing process and the industry, as well.

    Patricia Fry
    Freelance career writer for over 35 years and the author of 29 books, including “The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book.” Visit my informative blog at

    • Hey, Patricia! Thanks for visiting my blog! You said exactly what I’ve been trying to say here – that a booklet is a great place place to start. An author can write only booklets, or they can use them as a stepping stone to creating a market for a book or other products. You just can’t go wrong with a booklet! And yes, they definitely help in learning the publishing process, and for far less than that same education would cost you with a book!

      It’s great to have you here!


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