New Opportunities To Explore For Increasing Your Riches With Booklets

When most booklet authors begin writing their manuscript, they have a specific audience in mind they are writing to.  They imagine selling thousands of copies to thousands of individuals, one at a time.  This can certainly be done, but there are so many other opportunities for making sales.  If you don’t know about these opportunities, you’re at a great disadvantage because you’re missing out on a great deal of money.

Selling Booklets To Businesses Large And Small

If your booklet is one that would appeal to a particular type of company, either for it’s customers or for it’s employees, you have the possibility of a large quantity sale with each company that falls within that category.  Large companies will buy hundreds of thousands of copies from you at once, while smaller companies may only purchase a few hundred, but both are equally wonderful in that you can make a larger sale and reap a bigger payday at once, rather than only selling to individuals.

How will these businesses use your booklets?  They can use them in a variety of ways, from package inserts to employee incentives to customer appreciation gifts.   If your booklet is of an informative nature and falls within something the company teaches it’s employees or it’s customers, your booklet might even be used as a teaching tool.

Selling Booklets Through Retail Establishments

It is possible to sell booklets on your own through retail establishments.  The key is finding establishments that match your booklet’s content.  As long as the establishment sees a benefit to their customers as well as to themselves, they’ll probably be willing to give it a try.

When thinking of a retail establishment, you might think of a book store.  Some book stores may be willing to offer your booklet for sale to their customers, but it’s important to think beyond the book store.  Retail applies to many other kinds of businesses, from business supply stores to discount stores, to coffee bars to tire stores.  Whatever you have written about in your booklet, there is probably a retail establishment somewhere to match.

Using Catalogs To Sell Booklets

Catalogs provide a great opportunity for sales both to individuals and in quantity when your booklet’s content is a good match for a particular catalog.  Your booklet may be featured inside the catalog, or it may be offered by the catalog company to new customers as an incentive to buy something or as a thank you for a purchase.   The best way to sell to catalog companies is to do so in quantity with a single sale, rather than being featured in the catalog itself.  But, being featured affords an opportunity for sales when you are unable to go the other route.  If the catalog has a large circulation, having your booklet inside can be very profitable for you as long as your content is a good match for the catalog’s readers.

Direct Mail Provides More Opportunities For Sales

Direct Mail is the junk mail you receive in your mail box, and there are too many businesses to name who use this method of advertising.  Often, companies using direct mail to reach customers will offer something inside the envelope to entice people to open it.  If your booklet is a good match for one of these companies, or if it fits in with a particular campaign they are creating, these companies will welcome your booklet as an addition to their mailing.  This can result in sales for you of hundreds of thousands of copies, or even in the millions depending on how large the mailings are that the company does.

Sometimes, these companies will want to test your booklet to see if it enhances their mailing or sales in some way before they purchase a large number of copies from you.  These tests can still result in a significant number of copies being sold – anywhere from about 500 to 5,000 or more.

Using The Internet To Make Sales

The internet offers vast opportunities for selling booklets.  You can sell them as a download from your own website, or you can offer them through other people’s websites.  You can license your material for sales online by others, or for others to give away.  There are endless avenues to pursue on the internet.

Generally, online sales tend to happen between the author and individuals, but there are times when quantity sales are made, such as when licensing your material to someone for use on their website.

Selling to individuals is one way to sell booklets and it should always be pursued.  But, knowing other ways to sell your booklets is important too, as it can significantly drive up your profits.  You should sell your booklets as many ways as you possibly can to as many people and places as you possibly can.  When you do, the riches will follow.

To your riches,


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