Why You Should Always Give People The Benefit Of Hearing About Your Booklets, Even If You Don’t Think They’ll Be Interested

As a booklet author, the opportunities for sales are endless!   There are so many ways you can sell booklets, and one of those ways is through other people.

My son has a disability, and yesterday his state caseworker came to my home to re-evaluate the services that my son is being provided with through the state.  This is something that is done on a yearly basis, and this caseworker is a new one for my son.

During the course of the evaluation I happened to mention my gluten and dairy free booklets.   I have done this with every caseworker who has come to our home in the past, but each person is different with their own unique set of contacts, and so none of the previous caseworkers were particularly interested.  But, never give up because you just never know when you’ll hit on the right person!

When I mentioned my booklets to this caseworker, she stopped typing on her laptop and gave me her full attention.  Her eyes lit up and I could tell she was very interested.  Once I explained what my booklets were about and who they were for, she said she knew of three people who would be interested in the booklets, and that she would contact them as well as give me their contact information.  The real kicker is that all three people are potential quantity buyers, who would purchase from me on a regular basis.

There is a big discovery in this lesson and it’s this.  You never know who someone knows.  You may have talked to four or five people who have held the same job, and they all may not have been interested in your booklet, but number six might just be the one with the right connections.   And this doesn’t just apply to people in a particular position either.  It also applies to other people you know and meet, no matter what they do for a living.

Had I discounted this state worker because none of the other state workers were interested, I would have missed out on a very rich opportunity.   Remember this when you’re talking with people you meet for the first time.  Always give them the benefit of hearing about your booklets, even if you don’t think they’ll be interested.  They just might know someone else who is!

To your riches,


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