How To Make More Profit From Your Booklets By Discovering All The Angles In Your Market

A booklet is like an orange slice.  It is a small part of a larger whole.  When you create a booklet, you’re giving information about a topic, but the information you’re giving is just a small bit of all the information available.  Likewise, the market you are giving that information to is but a portion of a much larger and broader market.

One Topic Has Many Angles

Here is an example to help you see this more clearly.  Imagine you want to create a booklet about divorce.  The subject of divorce has many different angles.  You might write about the emotional aspects of divorce on children, or you might write about the emotional side for the adults involved.  You could write about the legal implications of it, or you could write about the costs involved, such as legal costs as well as the costs of living on one’s own income instead of having combined incomes.  The subject of divorce is the orange, and the aspect or angle you choose to write on regarding divorce is the slice.

Even The Angles Have Angles

While choosing a subject may be easy, choosing an angle is often more complex.  For example, if you wanted to create a booklet for women about divorce, women would be your angle, but within that there are many other angles.  You might decide to write about raising children alone, offering tips to help the budget or quick meal ideas.  Or, you may create your booklet around the emotions involved with divorce and offer tips to help the mother cope.  In the same vein, you might offer tips for helping the children cope.  There are many angles you could write about that would appeal to women who are contemplating or are already divorced. These different perspectives are like taking the orange slice and slicing it even further.

Using The Angles To Generate More Profit

Once you have created your booklet, you can look at the other perspectives of the same angle and create another booklet from one of them.  If you now have a booklet about budget tips for raising children alone, you might create another one that offers inexpensive meals that are quick to prepare for single moms.  This second booklet would sell to the same women who purchase your first booklet.  This booklet is for them too.  It’s the same broad topic of divorce, and it’s the same broader angle of women, but it’s another aspect of that angle.

This works with just about any subject you can think of.  Every subject has a very broad market, which has different segments within it.  The subject of divorce has a broad market, but there are many segments in that market from the men and women who divorce, to their children, to extended family and co-workers, and even to clergy members who might try to help in such a time.  And then, within each segment there are many angles, and each angle can have many different perspectives.

Once you begin to see all the layers that exist in that orange, you see the ripe opportunity to profit from it.  Creating a booklet about a broad topic, for one segment, and from one angle and perspective leaves many other segments, angles and perspectives available to you for creating more booklets, and perhaps other materials as well.

Don’t just look at the whole.  Look inside and see the layers.  Then, glean the riches from those layers.

To your riches!


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