Why Your Small Sales Are Just As Important As Your Big Ones

Well, it’s happened again.  I’ve made another sale of a booklet I haven’t been marketing, haven’t been pushing in the market place at all.  It doesn’t happen every day, and frankly I’m surprised it happens at all.  But, it does.  And I’m just astounded each and every time.

The buyer bought this booklet based solely on the title and the write up I did about the content.  Since they made the purchase online, they were not able to physically see the product before making their purchase.  This tells you just how important titles are and, when you’re selling online, how important what you say about your content is.

This sale was a small one.  A single booklet sold to a single individual.  But, there are riches for you in this transaction – riches in the form of knowledge.  Here they are:

1)  The person who bought this booklet belongs to the same peer group I do.  They are a new member, and we have never met.  I had never heard of this person until they bought the booklet.  But, they were familiar with me by association.  What groups and associations do you belong to?  You never know who will find you through a club, church, or even an online website that you belong to.

2) If this person likes the booklet, there’s a good chance they will order more.

3) This person may know other people who would be interested in buying this title from me.

4) This person may belong to a club or organization that would be interested in buying this or another title from me in bulk quantities.

For these reasons, every transaction, no matter how small is important.  You never know who someone else knows.  We all have a wide circle of friends, family, business associates, acquaintances, friends of friends, friends of family, and so on.  Rejoice over every sale, no matter how small.  Sometimes those little sales turn into great big ones!

To your riches!


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