How To Write And Sell Booklets In A Bad Economy

With the economy being in a slump, you may have noticed that several businesses around you have closed their doors.  There are a variety of reasons for this, the economy being the straw that broke the camels back.  With so many businesses going under, you may wonder if this is the best time to write a booklet.  Will you be able to sell it and get your business off the ground?

The Economy Isn’t What Determines Success Or Failure

The businesses that have failed didn’t fail because of a bad economy.  They failed because of many other factors, such as pricing goods or services too high or too low, poor customer service, poor quality products, etc.  The economy has simply required that consumers make better choices, and that is what they are doing.  In the past, these failed businesses may have been able to get away with making their customers a number, but not now.   Now is the time when customer service counts more than ever.  Now is the time when price matters most to the bottom line.  Now is the time when products and services need to be top notch and provide the most value to the customer.  Many businesses have failed to get this right, and they are gone.

You Can Succeed In Spite Of The Economy

The information you have to offer consumers in your booklet is important.  Now, more than ever, people are looking for information.  If your booklet is a non-fiction work, it stands a very good chance of succeeding.  No matter what the economy does, people will always be looking for jobs, getting sick, moving to a new city or state, having babies, getting married, dying, and going on vacation.  These things and more happen for someone, somewhere every day.

For example, imagine you want to write a booklet about choosing the perfect puppy.  You might think now is a bad time to write that booklet because a puppy is an expense, and people are watching their pennies right now.  But, the fact is there are people who are buying puppies in spite of the economy.  Perhaps they will give the puppy as a gift for a birthday or holiday.  Or they might be buying the puppy to train as a helper for the blind or disabled.  Maybe the puppy will be going to hospitals to visit the sick, or to nursing homes to visit the elderly.  Or, a family may decide to buy a puppy for Christmas instead of buying alot of gifts.  So, yes, people are still buying puppies for a variety of reasons, and if they’re buying puppies, they’re buying other things as well, including booklets and other printed materials.

Give Your Customers Value And They’ll Keep You In Business

People will buy your booklet because it gives them a good value for their money.  This means that the information you provide to them is worth more to them than the money they are paying you for it.   As long as you give your customers a good value, they’ll be happy to buy from you.

But, good value includes more than the quality of information in your booklet.  While that is a large part of it, customer service also has a part in the customers perception of value they receive from you.  Customers expect to receive the products quickly, and to have issues resolved in a timely manner.  But, to provide real value you shouldn’t stop there.  You should add some personalization to your customer service so that your customers don’t feel like a number.  Everyone likes to be treated like a living, breathing human being.  Everyone appreciates being treated respectfully and courteously.  It will add riches to your bottom line and keep you in business if you remember this.

If you’re on the fence about writing a booklet in this economy, get off the fence and do it.  If you have already created your booklet, remember to add value to it by providing the best customer care that you can.  Without your customers, you have no riches.

To your riches!


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