Writing Your Booklet’s Content – How To Find The Treasure Chest

When you first come up with a topic for your booklet, you’re probably thinking about the topic from a surface point of view.  But, you must dig deeper in order to create a salable product and make money.

A Bird’s Eye View Of Your Topic

Here is an example of thinking about your topic from a surface point of view.  Imagine you want to write a booklet about popular vacation spots for baby boomers.  You have chosen your niche – baby boomers – and you may be thinking that’s enough to make your booklet attractive to that particular market.  With this kind of thinking, you would simply list the most popular vacation spots and be finished.  But, that’s not enough.

Think of it this way.  Your topic is like an ocean.  If you were a bird flying over that ocean, you would see the water on the surface.  In the same way, merely listing all the popular vacation spots for baby boomers is like only scratching the surface of information that you can give to your readers.

Exploring The Depths Beneath The Surface

As a booklet author, you want to give your readers more than just the bird’s eye view.  You want to dive below the surface to give them more in-depth information.  Using our ocean example, here is how this is done.

When you were a bird and you flew over the ocean, all you could see was the watery surface.  Now, imagine you are a fish.  As a fish, you have a very different view than the bird does.  You can see how the light goes from being bright near the water’s surface, to getting dimmer and finally fading into darkness as you go deeper and deeper below the surface.  You can see many kinds of fish – some friendly and some to watch out for.   You can see plant life growing up from the bottom.  You can see sand.  You can see a ship that sank many centuries ago.  You can see a treasure chest.

The Treasure Chest

Did you think the treasure chest was on the ship?  It isn’t.  The ship is the treasure chest.  So are the other fish, and the way the light fades from bright to total darkness.  All of these things make up a rich treasure under the ocean that you can’t see if you are bird.  You can only see them as a fish.

Getting back to your booklet, when you choose a topic, you want to dig deeper into that subject and find good information your readers will really be able to use.  Anyone can get online and pull up a list of popular vacation spots for baby boomers, or for families, or just about any other niche you can think of.  But, the rich author is the one who looks for much more than that.  The rich author will look for the friendly fish – the things that will be helpful in deciding where to stay and what to do, or which vacation spot is best and why.  The rich author will also look for the predators – things to watch out for when planning that vacation, such as weather patterns at various times of the year or pricing scams.  The rich author will bring these things to light for the reader.

The One Question To Ask That Will Help You Get It Right Every Time

This can all be summed up in one simple question.  When you think of a topic to write a booklet about, ask yourself, “How can this information be used?”  If you find that there is no specific use for the information, you need to dive beneath the surface.  If you can’t find anything beneath the surface, you need to choose another topic.

When you write a booklet, you don’t want to be a bird or a fish.  The bird can’t see what’s beneath the surface.  The fish can.  But, the fish can’t see the whole ocean.  The fish can only see one small part at a time.  You need both views to be able to write a salable booklet.  Then, you need to choose the most important things from the fish’s view to include in your information.

To your riches!


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4 responses to “Writing Your Booklet’s Content – How To Find The Treasure Chest

  1. Awesome post!! Loved the analogies!! I guess I’ll try to be a flying fish! :o)
    I have written a small devotional that I want to publish. Looking for how to do that and found your site. Hope I can figure this out so I can start on the next one!

    • Hi Rochelle!

      It’s nice to have here! So glad you liked this post. Often, when I start writing I have one idea in mind, and end up writing something quite different. Such was the case with this post. But, I liked it so it stayed!

      If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the blog. I promise to keep cranking out the rich stuff!


  2. Great insights into publishing booklets. i had never considered before. Seems very viable for me. Thank you. I’ll subscribe to your blog.

    • Hello, Stanice.

      Welcome to the blog! Thanks for your encouraging comment. There are so many people like you who have never thought of creating a booklet, mostly because they have never heard the opportunity exists. But it does and it is a very profitable one at that!

      I’m glad to have you here, and if you like the blog please help me spread the word!

      To your success,


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