How To Easily Create New Products To Build Your Booklet Business

Have you watched a movie in the theatre and thought it was so great that you just knew there would be a sequel to it?  And then, no sequel was ever made, even though the movie was fantastic and did very well?  Do you remember how you felt about that?  You were probably very disappointed.  Here you had been waiting for months, maybe even a year or longer, hoping to experience the story again, and for whatever reason it just never happened.

When Your Audience Asks For More How Will You Answer?

When you create a booklet and people find it helpful, they will want more information from you just like you wanted to see a sequel to that movie.  Your audience will devour your content and then they’ll ask, “What’s next?”

You don’t have to write another booklet, but if you have a waiting audience why wouldn’t you?  If you don’t give your audience what they want – more of your information, you’re leaving money on the table.  You’re also disappointing your readers just like you were disappointed when the film makers failed to make a sequel to that movie you enjoyed so much.

Start With Booklets, Then Expand

There are many ways to satisfy your audience’s desire for more content from you.  A second booklet, and in fact an entire series of booklets is one way to do it.  And since your audience has already proven it will buy your booklets, adding more booklets to your product line is a good and very profitable idea.  But, you can create other products as well.

Just because you have published a booklet, that doesn’t mean you must always only create booklets.  In fact, it’s a good idea to offer your information in a variety of formats for your audience.  Diversify your delivery method and you will prosper.  You might branch out from booklets and offer cd’s and/or dvd’s as well.  Or, you might offer e-booklets as well as printed versions – an option which requires no extra work or cost on your part and is very easy to do.

Build Your Booklet Business With Diversification

Diversifying your delivery method allows you to expand your product line and build your business with ease.  You can offer your booklet content in a variety of ways, create new content not included in your booklets to offer, or both.  For example, you might create a cd from a booklet you wrote, and then decide to create a dvd that is related to that booklet but that doesn’t use the same content.  Each of these is it’s own product and can be sold separately.  But, you can also bundle these products together to offer a special value to your customers.

Diversifying the delivery method of your booklet gives you more products to offer without creating alot of extra work.  It’s an easy way to build your business and your profits.

To your riches!


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