Why You Don’t Have To Be A Great Writer To Write A Booklet

If you have done any writing at all, ever, you have probably started writing, finished a few paragraphs, and decided the writing wasn’t good and thrown it away or deleted it, and then started over.  A times you may have even finished the writing completely, and then upon reading it over, decided it wasn’t good enough for whatever reason, and thrown it out.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

This is something every writer has done more than once.  We all make mistakes.  Sometimes, the flow of the writing just doesn’t seem to work.  Other times, what you have written doesn’t quite say what you want it to, and you decide to rewrite it so that it expresses your thoughts better.  And once in a while, you can’t quite figure out what it is you don’t like about the writing.  It just doesn’t seem informative enough, or professional enough, or good enough.

When You Create A Booklet You Have To Start Somewhere

This applies to booklets just as much as it does to books, articles or, for that matter, school assignments.  It’s natural to be your own best critic.  But, many booklet authors start their booklet, then throw the writing out, then start again, then throw it out again, and so it continues.  They never seem to finish the writing because it never seems to be good enough.

You have to start somewhere when you create a booklet.  What you write originally may be only a first draft, and that’s ok.  But, there needs to be a final manuscript at some point.  How many drafts it will take for you to be satisfied with your work is completely up to you, but if you have more than three you’re probably too picky, making mountains out of mole hills and worrying over trivial things that won’t matter much to your audience.

Your First Draft Can Be Your Final Booklet Manuscript

Thanks to word processing programs, you don’t even need to concern yourself with the drafting process.  Some authors prefer to use it, and that’s fine.  But, your first draft can be your final manuscript.  All you need to do is finish the writing and then go back and ‘tweak’ where necessary.  This is a much faster way to get your manuscript completed and off to market rather than rewriting new drafts from scratch.

Your Writing Is Better Than You Think It Is

What most authors fail to realize is their writing is better than they think it is.  This is because your market won’t be as critical of your writing as you are.  They’re looking for solid, helpful information or, in the case of fiction, an engaging story.  They won’t be thinking about your thought process when you wrote what you did, or the flow of the words (although flow is important for the reader, they just are not conscious of it).   The reader won’t be reading your booklet from a technical aspect.  They’re reading to obtain information or for enjoyment.

Your Booklet Will Not Be Perfect

As a human being, you need to allow yourself some room for error.  Your booklet will never be completely perfect, even if every i is dotted and every t is crossed.  Nobody’s writing, whether book or booklet, article or blog post, is ever going to be perfect.  But, it can be good, and good is good enough.  If you really work at it, your booklet might even be great, but great writing isn’t necessary.  Good information is, or good entertainment is, and that is good enough.

Once your manuscript is completed, tweak it where necessary.  Make sure it’s good.  Make sure it’s informative or entertaining.  Make sure you’ve done your best.  Then, let it go.  It’s better to get a good booklet on the market than to forever rewrite it and never prosper from it.

To your riches!


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