Why You Must Write Your Booklet Now

Most writers (or wanna be writers) get to the end of their day and find they haven’t written anything.  Their day filled up too fast with other things that had to be done.  Writing would have to wait until later, when the rush was over.  It may have been a 9-5 job, followed by the tedious drive home, then making dinner, helping children with their homework, and watching the news before finally going to bed that filled up the day.  Or, it might have been a day filled with errands that had to be done.  But, whatever it was, the writing was put off.  The problem is, later never comes.

There Is No Later – There Is Only Now

The only time you will ever have is now.  There is no later, no tomorrow, no next week.  You only have now.  And sometimes, you can’t write now – like when you find yourself at work, or when you’re in a meeting with your child’s teacher, or when you’re at the doctor’s office.  But, there are other times when you can write now – like instead of watching the news, or during your lunch break at the office, or after the children are in bed, or when your errands are finished.

Why Your Writing Doesn’t Get Done

The writing doesn’t get done because you haven’t made it a priority.  Everything else comes first, and when that happens, the writing will come last, meaning it won’t get done.  If you really want to write a booklet and profit from it, you must make it a priority.   You can’t put it off until later.  You must use the time you have right now to do it.  Not the time right now at your job or during an emergency, but during the time you find yourself in when you’re doing something else that can wait.

My first two booklets were created in the evening after dinner, during the time I would have normally spent with my family.  For two weeks I spent that time writing.  It was difficult.  I would have rather been with my children.  I could hear them talking, playing and laughing.  But, I had a higher purpose in what I was doing.  I was creating something for our future, and I knew the writing wouldn’t last long if I just buckled down and got it done.  And so I did.  And so can you.

Writing A Booklet Only Takes A Little Bit Of Time

Writing a booklet isn’t like writing a book.  Writing books takes a long time – sometimes years.  Writing booklets can take anywhere from 24 hours to a couple of weeks, depending on how much time you are willing to give to it consecutively.  But you have to make the choice to do it.  You have to be willing to say, “Right now I’m going to write my booklet instead of using this time for leisurely activities.”  Once you make up your mind to do it, you’ll find your booklet is completed quickly and then you can use your time for other things again.

The only time you have is right now.  What are you going to do with it?

To your riches!


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