Not A Rich Booklet Author Yet? Here’s The Key To Making It Happen

Every day you are faced with a number of choices.  Do you eat this for breakfast or that?  Do you call in sick or not?  Do you watch the news on channel 5 or channel 7?  Do you call your mom back now or later?

Your Circumstances Are A Result Of Your Decisions

For every choice you are presented with you must make a decision.  You are where you are today because of decisions you have made in the past.  If you like where you are, it is because you have made decisions that have brought you desired results.  If you don’t like where you are, it’s time to make some different decisions.

Some decisions are easier to make than others.  Deciding which flavor of ice cream to have on a hot day is a fairly easy decision to make.  Deciding to start your booklet manuscript after dinner tonight may be more difficult for you.  After all, you’ve got plans to watch tv, get on the computer, and do other leisurly things after a hard day’s work.   It might be easier to decide to put off the manuscript until the weekend when you’ll have more time to concentrate on it.

The Decision Is More Difficult Than The Doing That Results From It

The riches are never found in the easy decisions.  If they were, everyone would be rich.  Sometimes you’ve got to make the decision to go with the tougher choice to get where you want to go.  Your booklet won’t write itself.  If you’re going to be a rich booklet author you have to write that manuscript sometime, and the sooner you do the sooner you’ll be able to benefit from your efforts.  Then, once your manuscript is finished and your booklet is produced, you’ll look back and realize just how easy it really was to do.  It was only the decision to do it that seemed difficult.

Usually, the difficult decisions are harder to make because they represent the unknown.  But, once you’ve made the decision and followed through and conquered, you’ll find it easier to make the next decision that comes along.

Your Decisions Are Tied Directly To Your Riches

The riches you reap from your booklet will be the result of the decisions you make throughout your booklet adventure.  Don’t avoid the difficult decisions.  If you do, you’ll stagnate.  Instead, make the decisions you need to make to reach your goals.  As you progress, you’ll begin to look forward to making decisions both easy and difficult, because every decision you make helps to shape your future into what you want it to be.

What decisions are facing you today regarding your booklet and your career as an author?  Move forward boldly and make those decisions!  Once you do, you’ll find yourself excitedly moving forward and getting closer to achieving your goals!

To your riches!


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