Is Your Online Image Damaging Your Credibility As A Booklet Author?

Whether you’re still contemplating what to write about for your first booklet, or it’s already written and produced, there is something you need to know that is vitally important to your credibility and success as an author.  It may seem obvious to some, but it’s easily overlooked by most authors – at least for a while, often until it’s too late and the damage is already done.

You Are A Public Personality

Once your booklet is created and on the market, you are a public personality.  Most people will want to know more about you before they make a purchase, and the easiest way for them to learn about you is online.

A decade ago if you wanted to do some social networking, it meant meeting individuals face to face.  Now, there are all kinds of ways to network online – such as Twitter, Face Book, My Space, and LinkedIn.  Even websites such as Amazon are offering people the opportunity to put up a page and/or a blog, and participate in forums.

When you participate in these social networking areas, Google is keeping track.  Everything you do online is recorded in Google.  That means when a potential customer is contemplating buying your booklet, all they need to do in order to learn more about you is Google your name.  When they do, they’ll be able to see all of your social links, and they can click on any of those to view any information or pages you have created about yourself, or that others have created about you.  It’s a bit like being on candid camera all the time.

The Internet Is A Tool – Use It Wisely

For anyone in business, and especially anyone who is putting information into the marketplace or who is a public personality (such as authors and actors), the internet should be viewed as a tool and not as a personal playground.  You can create a personal blog or Face Book page, but if you do it should reflect on your professionalism.  You won’t want to post anything there that would give your market the wrong impression.

For example, if your booklet is about how to choose the right puppy for your family, your personal page or blog might show your relationship with your own dog.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be only about you and your dog, but you might want to make that an important part of your personal blog and post about your dog a couple times per week.  You might also post about your friend’s and extended family’s dogs, as well as anything you do in the dog world such as dog shows you attend.  You might even post about the dog food your dog likes.  In this way, your personal blog shows you as a dog lover and therefore someone who is qualified to write a booklet about how to choose a puppy.

Always Keep Your Market In The Back Of Your Mind

Everything you do as a booklet author adds up, and that includes everything you do online.  Every post you make or page you create should be done with your market in the back of your mind.  You need to remember that what you create will be seen by others, and quite possibly by others who are considering making a purchase from you.  Keep your online image professional.  That doesn’t mean everything you post or create online needs to be about your booklet’s topic, but it does mean presenting yourself in a professional and pleasant manner at all times.

When people Google your name, what will they find?  Will they see someone who is knowledgable and professional?  Will they see someone pleasant they feel they can trust?  Or, will they see a completely different side of you that will turn them away?  To find out, try Googling your own name and see what comes up.  You may find some areas where you need to make some changes.

To your riches!


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