How To Uncover New Avenues For Booklet Sales

Once you have a completed booklet, you’ll find that things begin to happen for you in ways you could not have anticipated.  Such was the case for me over this past weekend.

I have been focused on selling my gluten and dairy free booklets to doctors.  On Saturday, I met a lady who owns a health business.  She is focused on many different areas of health, such as diet and skin care and aromatherapy, but they are all related to staying healthy naturally.

During the course of our conversation I happened to mention my business, and she asked me what I do.  When I told her about my booklets, she became very interested.  She has a website for her business and would love to provide a link from her website to my booklets.  Links are good, although there are better ways to make money.  But the real gem here isn’t the link or the possibility of a sale to this lady.  It’s the possibility of a new market that I didn’t see before.

When you have a booklet in the marketplace, you should always be looking at things from a big perspective.  What can this sale lead to?  Where’s the bigger money?  When you do this, you’ll uncover new possibilities, new directions to go in, and new avenues for sales.

This is the second time that someone has given me a new possible market for my booklets.  When you keep your eyes and ears open and look at things from a larger perspective, the same thing can happen for you!

To your riches,


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PPS:  My new website is nearly finished!  I talked with my coder today and he’ll be uploading it tomorrow!  Stay tuned…


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