The Faucet Of Riches: Is Yours Turned On?

There is a critical question you must ask throughout your booklet journey from the moment your topic idea pops into your head.  You must ask this question and keep asking it.  If you don’t, the faucet from which the riches flow will be turned off for you.

The One Critical Question You Must Ask And Why

What is this critical question that determines whether you will reap riches from the writing and creation of your booklet?  It is a simple question, and you must ask it constantly.  At every decision you are faced with, from the very idea for your booklet to it’s design to who will buy and read it, you must ask “Where is the money in this?”

Asking this question keeps you on track.  It keeps you from going in directions that are not profitable or that are less profitable.  When you continually ask where the money is, it forces you to think ahead about the results of your decisions.  If you need money today, you need it because of decisions you made in the past that were not profitable.  Likewise, if you are wealthy, you have made decisions that put you in that position.  Therefore, the decisions you make every day determine whether you are rich or not.  And if you apply this to your booklet writing, the decisions you make right from the beginning determine whether your booklet will bring you money or not.

Money And Profit May Be Two Different Things

You’ll notice this question is phrased, “Where’s the money in this,” not “Where’s the profit in this.”  This is because profit doesn’t always mean money.  To profit by something means to gain by it.  You may gain money, but there are also many other things you can gain by writing booklets that could be considered profit to you.  For example, you might make a full time income from your booklets (or better!), and be able t quit your job.  In this case your gain isn’t just a monetary one.  It is also a gain of time and freedom.

Another form of profit is a feeling of being helpful.  Your booklet may be helpful to someone, and there is a certain amount of profit in helping others.  It just feels good to know someone else has benefited as a result of your efforts.

Why You Must Focus On The Money And Not The Profit

If you want to reap riches from your booklet in the form of money, you must focus on money.  That isn’t to say that you won’t be generous at times or do things that are not money related, but in order to reap the riches from your booklet you must see it as a business.  It makes sense in business to think about cash flow and where it’s going to come from.  If every decision you make regarding your booklet has only to do with helping others, you’ll never be able to help yourself.

Money Is A Good Thing

Without money, you can’t realize your dreams of a better life.  You are the one writing and creating the booklet.  If you want this to be your living, you will need money.  It takes money (alot of money!), to survive in this world.

Also, you are in a better position to give when you have money than when you don’t.  Have you ever wanted to give to a charity or help victims of a natural disaster but not had the money to do it?  You’re not alone.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the money to give and not even miss it?

This is why you must always ask yourself each time you are faced with a decision regarding your booklet, “Where is the money in this?”  When you come up with the idea for a booklet, ask the question.  When you’re faced with design issues, ask the question.  When you’re thinking about marketing, ask the question.  When you’re determining who your readers will be, ask the question.  Ask where the money is and keep asking.  When you do, you’ll find the answers and the riches will flow to you.  Then, you’ll profit as well.

To your riches,


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