There’s Profit In Your Passion

Are you really passionate about something?  Maybe you are passionate about a skill or talent you possess, such as wood working or painting.  Maybe your passion is a hobby you enjoy, such as model trains or crocheting.  Maybe it’s cooking you love, or maybe reading.  Or maybe it’s a particular time period in history and you really enjoy studying it.  Maybe you’re passionate about your job as a teacher.

When you have a passion for something, you will dig into it as much as you possibly can.   You will read about it, study it, do it, and you will want to be with others who enjoy your passion as much as you do.  To illustrate this, let’s use the recreational pass-time of golf.

Golf Is Everything To The Passionate Golfer

If you have ever known anyone who was passionate about the game of golf, you know they will read everything they can find about golf, watch videos about golf, watch golf on tv, buy the latest new putter on the market to improve their swing (even though it may cost hundreds of dollars), take golf vacations, hang out with other golfers, and spare no amount of money or time to play and improve their game.  They are serious about golf.  They are golfers and that’s that.  It’s who they are, it’s what they think about, and it’s what they’re into.

If you happen to be a passionate golfer, there is profit in writing about it.  Why?  Because you’re knowledgeable about the game, there are others who know less than you do who will want your information, and because serious golfers will leave no book or booklet unread about golf if they think it will help their game.

You Can Profit From Your Passion

You can profit from your passion just like the passionate golfer in the illustration above.  Whatever you’re passionate about, chances are others are passionate about it too.   The others who share your passion are your market.  They will want to read the latest information available, or they’ll want more information if they’re new to the subject.

Writing about your passion not only puts profit in your pocket, it’s also fun and helps you stay connected to whatever you’re passionate about.  So, think about your passion and start writing!

To your riches,


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2 responses to “There’s Profit In Your Passion

  1. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for these ideas. One way I’ve recently used to further profit from my booklet is by doing the following: in the booklet include a link to an autoresponder with more related articles.

    In these articles you elaborate on the topic and promote your affiliate programs. You can even use this list to promote other booklets you write on the same topic… which you can then sell as a booklet or online as an ebook.

    What I particularly like about this idea is that I build a list to market to while also building another income stream.

    All the best,

    • Yes, Dalene! That is one great way to use a booklet! Everything you do markets you, and every booklet or product you have markets every other booklet or product you have. It’s all one big circle! And building multiple income streams is especially smart in this day and age!

      Thanks for sharing!


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