Two Groups Of Writers – Which One Fits You?

Every writer varies in their vision for their work.  Some want to write articles.  Others want to write a book.  Some just want to write, and they are willing to look at all opportunities for doing so, from articles to books and booklets and anything in between.  It’s all good.  But, there’s really only two main groups of writers, and the group which you fit into will determine whether your writing makes you rich or not.

The First Group – Writing Is Something To Do For Fun

The first group of writers don’t see their writing as a business.  They enjoy their writing.  It’s something fun to do.  They do it as often as they can, and occasionally they may make a little money from it.  They have a more casual attitude toward their craft.  For these writers, writing is a hobby.  They may love to write, but they don’t take their writing seriously enough to create a business from it.  Their writing will never make them rich because they’re not focused on it from that point of view.

The Second Group – Writing Is A Business

Writing as a hobby is perfectly fine.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But, this won’t work for you if you intend to make a living from your writing or, even better, become rich from it.  To do this you must view your writing as the vehicle for getting you from where you are now to where you want to go. Here’s an example to illustrate this.

Imagine you live in New York and wanted to move to California.  You plan to get to California by car.  Many people in New York don’t own cars, so you would probably need to purchase one.  If you were serious about moving and you wanted to do it right away, you would begin looking for a car immediately.  You would look at many different cars, but you would probably buy something nice since you’d be taking a long trip and most likely keeping the vehicle once you reached California.

In this illustration, New York represents where you are now.  California is your goals (more money, nice vacations, etc).  The car is your writing.  Notice that you are looking for a nice car, which represents giving your writing your best, and you’re putting alot of effort into finding that car immediately, which means you’re giving your writing priority to get you to your goals.

Why You’ll Never Get Rich Writing Just For Fun

Someone who writes as a hobby will put off finding the car, or they’ll look for the cheapest car they can find.  They won’t worry too much about polishing up their writing and making it a priority.  There are other things they would rather do.  They aren’t really sure California is where they want to go.  They are not focused on a destination or a goal.  They see many different places they could go, and they want to take their time and explore along the way.

This is why writing as a hobby will never make you a full time income and you’ll never be rich from it.  You must focus on your goals and take your writing seriously in order to make real money from it.  Booklets are the easiest route for doing this, but you must still view them as a business – a vehicle to get you where you want to go.

When you take your writing seriously, you’ll put in the effort to start your work, finish your work, create more, and keep going.  Do this repeatedly and you’re on your way to success.

To your riches,


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