How To Market Your Booklets The Easy Way At No Cost

Have you been wondering just how you’ll build your booklet business once your booklet is ready for market?  Here’s a little marketing secret for you.  Every booklet you create will market all of your other booklets, as well as other products and services you may have to offer.

Two Booklets Are Better Than One

When you have one booklet on the market, you’re pushing that booklet hard to get it sold.  You’re doing all of the work.  By having two booklets, you’ve created leverage.  You don’t have to work so hard because each booklet sells the other one.  The more booklets you create, the more leverage you have.  Here’s how this works.

Imagine you have created a booklet that tells stay at home moms how to make extra money.  You’ll have to do some work to get that booklet into the market place.  But, what if you created a second booklet for stay at home moms on how to be more frugal?  What if the second booklet told those moms how to save money?  Certainly each customer who purchased your first title would also want the second one.  You won’t have to work nearly so hard at getting the second title sold.

Ten Booklets Are Better Than Two

Now imagine you have ten such titles, all related to finances for stay at home moms.  Perhaps, in addition to your making and saving money titles, you have created a booklet about saving on college tuition, and another about frugal family vacations, and so on.  Each booklet is like a little salesman working for you to sell your market on your other booklets.  When they like the first one, they will be happy to purchase more.

Good Content + The Right Market = Booklet Sales At Zero Marketing Cost

This is how you build a booklet business – by creating leverage so you don’t have to work so hard.  Someone sees one of your titles and they want more.  It’s as simple as that.  As long as your content is good and properly targeted, one booklet can and will sell the other titles for you.  This is the best marketing leverage you could have because it costs you nothing to market this way (you would have created that second booklet anyway, right?).

As a booklet author, you should always be thinking of ways to leverage your marketing.  The easiest way to do this is to let your titles market each other.

To your riches,


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