How To Rake In The Riches From A Single Booklet Topic

Have you thought of a great topic to write a booklet about?  If you have, you’re probably focused on that single topic, imagining a single booklet as the result of your efforts.  But, that single topic can be the beginning of an entire line of booklets, or a series, if you’re willing to think bigger.  One topic can be expanded to many.  And when you expand your topic to include more than one booklet, you will be raking in the riches that many other authors fail to collect.  They write about their topic and they’re on to the next one, leaving untold riches from the first topic unavailable to them.

Perhaps you have heard of the book, “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan Rubin.  He started out to write a book about how to be healthy.  The book was targeted to the health conscious.  It told about Jordan’s journey from being near death to becoming healthy by eating a particular diet.  Thousands of copies were sold.

While in my local bookstore a couple of days ago, I noticed that Jordan has a new title out: “The Maker’s Diet For Weight Loss.”  He is capitalizing on the success of his first title.  Anyone who bought the first title will immediately recognize the second title, and if they don’t purchase it for themselves, it is likely they’ll buy the book as a gift because they are already familiar with the first book and it’s author.  Jordan is collecting even more riches from his topic, because he has expanded it into a new market niche.

I wonder if Jordan will stop with this title.  If he’s really brilliant, he won’t.  There is so much more to be gleaned from this topic and title.  How about “The Maker’s Diet For Diabetics,” “The Maker’s Diet For Seniors,” “The Maker’s Diet For Teens,” “The Maker’s Diet For Pregnancy,” “The Maker’s Diet For Celiac Disease,” and so on.  There is yet a multitude of possibilities here.

Each new title can be easily spun from the first one.  While in Jordan’s case he does need to come up with a fair amount of new material, the basic concept of his diet would remain the same for each book.  Therefore, he would be able to use some material from his original book in each spin off, saving him some writing time.

When you come up with a topic for a booklet, ask yourself about other possible topics or ideas you can create from the first one.  Chances are, if you think about it, you’ll come up with many more ideas you can write about within the scope of the same topic.  You may not want to expand your booklet into every idea you come up with, but you’ll probably come up with some ideas that would take a minimal amount of time and effort to do once your first title is completed.  You should be able to use some material from your first title to create the next one.  In some cases, you can even use most of the material from your first title, and tweak it to fit the second title where you need to.

You can use this idea for books and articles as well as booklets.  Once you have written something, you should milk it for all it’s worth.  It’s easier than starting from scratch with a completely new topic.  It will save you time and give you another product to put on the market much faster that you could if you started fresh.

One topic can be worth a fortune to you once you learn to look a little deeper and see all of the possibilities of what you can create from it.

To your riches!


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