How To Come Up With Great Ideas To Make You Rich

Did you know that just one, single idea can make you rich? Everything you see around you began as an idea – from your desktop computer (there was a day when a computer took up an entire room!), to your automatic coffee maker.  Even the food you eat is the brain child of someone – McDonnalds, Wendy’s, Quaker Oats.  It all began as an idea.

Have you ever wondered what sparks great ideas?  Where do they come from?  Do they happen randomly?  Not really.  Great ideas are most often sparked by something you have heard, read or experienced.  This is why you should control what you listen to, what you read, and as much as you can, the experiences you have.  Great ideas rarely come from garbage.  And as a booklet author, the more great ideas you have the more riches you’ll have.

This blog is filled with information that can spark great ideas for you, and it only takes one great idea to make you rich.  The idea of writing a booklet is one that can make you rich, and that idea is handed to you here.  There are lots of other ideas handed to you here , but there are also ideas that will occur to you as you read.  Keep this in mind when reading the posts on this blog.  Be on the lookout for great ideas and you’ll soon have tons of them!

To your riches!


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