Poem Hidden For More Than 30 Years Could Bring Untold Riches To Its Author

I recently consulted with a lady who wrote a very beautiful story for children in the form of a poem.  She created it back in the 1970’s, and has wanted to publish it ever since.  But, life got in the way and publishing was put off until “someday.”  For more than 30 years her beautiful story was inside an envelope in a drawer, unread and unpublished, and unenjoyed.

Now she’s ready to move forward with her story so that it can finally be enjoyed.  She needed some direction as to how to proceed.  I suggested we do it as a very special kind of booklet, and the more we collaborated, the more ideas we came up with for creating her booklet and getting it out into the marketplace.

I mostly refer to information booklets on this blog, but that doesn’t mean I don’t advocate writing a booklet of fiction.  There are markets for fiction booklets too.  I believe that it is easier to market informative booklets most of the time, but sometimes a fictional booklet can do quite well if it is very well written, has a very specific market niche, and the market affords enough outlets through which to sell the booklet.

In the case of the lady I mentioned above, we’ll be pursuing several large quantity opportunities for her title and she’s already got an idea for a series based on the ending of the first booklet.  Not only that, but there is an entire product line that could be created to go along with the story.  I believe her booklet, subsequent series and other products will do extremely well in terms of sales, and it all began with a poem tucked away in a drawer for more than 30 years!

To your riches,


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