Is This Habit Keeping You Poor?

How’s your new year going?  Are you moving right along,  getting things done and achieving your goals?  Are you working toward having the riches you desire – more time with your family, maybe a nice vacation and more of them, and of course, more money in the bank?

Or, are you worn down by the daily grind, constantly wishing things would change but unsure how to set the right things in motion to reach your dreams?

If the first paragraph describes you, keep going!  If the second paragraph describes you, get going!

Someone once said that procrastination is the habit of the poor.  It’s easy to imagine yourself having the career of your dreams, sending your kids to the best schools, taking exotic vacations, living in a big house and sitting by the pool doing business by cell phone, banking thousands of dollars.  And while I agree with the “anything you can believe you can achieve” concept, and I believe that your imagination is the first step in achieving your dreams, it takes more than imagination to get you there.  You’ve got to take action.

If procrastination is the habit of the poor, then action is the habit of the rich.  Everyday you have a certain number of hours in which you can take action toward realizing your dreams.   But, you also have a choice.  You can either take action, or you can put it off.  Most people put it off and keep putting it off, until eventually they run out of time.

Knowing the right course of action isn’t always possible.  Sometimes you just have to get out there and give it your best shot.  Fortunately, though, when it comes to booklets, you can have everything mapped out for you with my easy to follow, no fail system, which will be available very soon (watch this blog for the big announcement!).  The product has been completed and the website is in development as of this writing.  I promise I’ll let you know the moment it’s done so you won’t have to wait one second longer!

It’s time to stop procrastinating and take action to make YOUR dreams come true!

To your riches!


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