The Riches Are There – You Just Need To Mine Them

Have you thought about writing a booklet on a particular subject, but you didn’t follow through because you thought your idea wasn’t good enough?  It’s easy to take your own knowledge for granted.  You’ve acquired it over time, or learned it through study, and now it’s second nature to you.  It’s easy to assume nobody else would be interested, or that your information isn’t special enough to be put into a booklet.  But, that’s just not true.

No matter what your particular expertise is, whether it is work related, hobby related, family related, or other related, there is always someone else who doesn’t know what you know and would be willing to pay in order to get that information.  For example, look at the subject of childbirth.  Women have been having babies since creation.  You’d think we would all know everything there is to know about that by now.  But find a woman pregnant with her first child and she’s going to childbirth classes, reading about different methods of childbirth to learn her options, studying child rearing methods, and maybe even reading articles about how to get her child into the best pre-school.  She’ll probably read and research everything she can find about birthing, raising and feeding children.  And it will all be new information for her.

Even a mother who is pregnant with her second child will do some reading and research.  She may want to know how to show her first child that they are just as important as the new baby.  She may read information about how to foster a close relationship between her children, how to have a vaginal birth after a c-section, how to raise children in the absence of a father if she is now divorced or widowed, how to make more money so she can help support her growing family, and other related information.  It would be easy to assume the second time mom would know it all and not be interested in information about birthing and childcare, but again that just isn’t true.

This example applies to just about any topic you can think of.  There is always someone else who doesn’t know what you do.  Even something as simple as grandparenting can be the subject of a booklet.

Never under estimate the value of what you know.  The riches are there.  You just need to mine them!

To your riches,


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