How To Make Money The Easy Way

Some things in life are hard….finding a job, living paycheck to paycheck, writing a book.

And some things are easy….eating ice cream, playing at the beach, writing a booklet.

Yes, writing a booklet is easy.  Whether you’re already writing, or you haven’t started yet, you can write a booklet!

If you’ve established yourself as a writer by writing articles, you’ve got material for a booklet.  One article can easily become a booklet, although you may need to expand it just a little depending on the length.  But, articles are not the only thing that you can turn into a booklet.

Do you have a blog?  A blog would make an excellent booklet.  Of course, you’ll have to choose which posts to use because if you’ve had your blog for any length of time, you’ll have more material than you need.  But, more material means more booklets.  A series!

Are you a note taker?  If you’ve attended classes or seminars, or if you’ve prepared a presentation, these can all be the basis for a booklet as long as your passionate about the subject.

Even if you aren’t an established writer or you’ve never written anything like an article or blog post, you can easily write a booklet if you want to.  There’s really nothing to it!  You don’t need any special expertise or any kind of degree, and you don’t need anyone’s permission.  All you need is a subject you’re passionate about and the desire to see your name in print!

I started out writing a book.  That was hard.  Then, I decided to write a booklet instead.  That was easy!  Now I have six of them!  You can too!

To your riches,


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