Book Author Says Yes To Booklets To Make More Money

Recently I met a book author/speaker who has traveled nationwide and sold a fair amount of books.  She told me that although she does ok with her book (she sells to schools), she hasn’t done as well as she would like to.  She was wondering if there was some other way to sell the information in her book.  Oh, yes!  There is!

I told her that she could take each chapter of her book and create a booklet from it.  Her book sells for $15.00 per copy, but she discounts it when schools buy from her because they buy many copies at once.  If she were to take her book and turn it into a series of booklets, she would make much more money for the same information.  She liked the idea!

If this author’s book has twenty chapters and she were able to create a twenty booklet series, she could sell those booklets for $7.00 each, possibly more since they contain highly targeted, industry related material.  Now, her twenty chapters are worth $140.00 all totaled, instead of the original $15.00 price.  And, she can still offer a discount for the bundled series, but even with the discount she’ll be money ahead with the booklets as opposed to her book.

Since this author’s material is already researched and written in book form, it will be a snap for her to create the booklets and raise her income.

How about you?  Would you settle for $15.00 or $20.00 when you could get $140.00 for the same information?  I didn’t think you would.  It’s pretty much a no-brainer isn’t it?  Write a booklet, make more money.

To your riches!


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4 responses to “Book Author Says Yes To Booklets To Make More Money

  1. Hi,
    I’m a math teacher. How can I use this ? As there are so many books aready available.

    • You need to think in smaller bites of information. Most math books take a spiral approach where they teach one concept in one chapter and different concept in the next. You could break it down and create a booklet on just one concept and make it easy to understand.

      Another idea is to create a booklet that offers tips and tricks for figuring out different kinds of math problems. It’s been a long time since my school days, so I don’t remember all the little tricks I was taught for figuring out math problems. But, I do remember that there were some.

      Or, you could go with a completely different approach and write booklets about “How To Find The Perfect Math Tutor,” or “How To Make Math Fun.” These are things the books don’t tell you.

      Give it some thought and be creative. Unlike math, in this case there is no absolute right answer! 🙂


  2. I really like your blog and you’ve gotten me very interested in booklet writing. I read in one of your posts (posted some months ago) that you were about to come out with more info (a booklet or book) outlining the various steps one would take to build a booklet business and the expensive traps to avoid along the way.

    Did you ever compile this info, and if so, how do I obtain a copy?

    • Hi William.

      I’m glad you asked! The product is finished. The website is almost done (this has been the big hold-up!). This will be coming out in late January, or very early February.

      If you need information sooner, I am available for consulting by phone. Otherwise, watch the blog posts as I’ll be announcing the launch for the new product there, with a link to the website.


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