Has This Happened To You?

When you embark on your booklet adventure, you are setting in motion a series of events – things too wonderful for you to even dream about.  You envision yourself writing booklets and making money, but there is so much more that you can’t imagine until it unfolds before you in time.  These are the things that dreams and fantasy are made of, and if you could imagine them you would never believe they could happen.  But they do.  They happen for every booklet author, including me.

When I began my own booklet adventure, I couldn’t have imagined that I would have more than one booklet published.  I now have six.  I couldn’t have imagined I would own a publishing company, but I now do.  I couldn’t have imagined anyone would be interested in 600,000 copies of one of my titles, but someone was.  I couldn’t have imagined a multi-millionaire would be interested in doing business with me, but he is.  And I couldn’t have imagined that my booklets would sell to the medical community given that I have no credentials in any medical field, but they have and they are.  And then, last night, something else wonderful happened that may just take my booklets even farther, and do it faster than I ever dreamed.

Last night I received a message from a doctor that I have never met in person.  We both frequent the same forum, and I’ve gotten to know him a little online.  He’s interested in doing a joint venture.  I was so excited and thrilled at the prospect I barely knew how to answer his message!  Both his influence within the medical community and his experience will be a HUGE asset to me.  I can’t wait to work together!  He’s already got some great ideas that I am excited to try!

This is something that I never could have imagined happening for me.  A doctor wanting to get involved in promoting my booklets?  Buying them yes, but not promoting them.  Doctors are too busy for that.  They’ve got their own practices to think about.  And anyway, my booklets exist to help promote them, so why would they think of it the other way around?  But, this doctor did and I’m anxious to see where this path will lead.  I know we’ll both benefit from this, and I’m excited to see all the good things that come from it!

If you ever get the chance to do a joint venture with someone, and you probably will, do it!  You know the old saying, two heads are better than one.  In a joint venture, that is exactly what you have.  Two people working together to the benefit of both.  You will get something from it you could never have without it, and so will the other person.  There are all kinds of joint ventures, and I won’t go into that now.  But, each one presents you with new opportunities for making tons of money and getting your booklets into the hands of your audience.  It’s win, win, win!

Whether you’re still thinking about creating a booklet, or yours is finished and the ink is dry, keep moving forward.  You don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  There are many good things waiting for you along the way of your own booklet adventure.  If they haven’t happened yet, don’t worry.  Just keep going.  They will.   Go get ’em!

To your riches!


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