Your Booklet Questions Answered

Is the idea of writing a booklet new to you?  If it is, you may be wondering whether you can make as much money with a booklet as you can with a book.  You may be thinking that you won’t receive the same noteriety and amount of prestige with a booklet as you would with a book.  And you may be wondering who would buy a booklet anyway?  Everyone buys books, but who buys booklets?

Let me put your mind at ease.  First, you most certainly can make as much money with a booklet as you can with a book.  In fact, you have the opportunity to make even more.  Booklets are everywhere.  You see them at the check out in the grocery stores.  You get them handed to you at trade shows and health fairs.  Doctors and dentists give them to their patients.  Schools give them to students.  In fact, just about every company or institution on the planet uses a booklet in one form or another.   And people are happy to receive them.  People are also happy to buy them directly from you when you’ve got a well niched topic that is marketed properly.

There are more booklets in circulation today than there are books, and that is saying alot because there are thousands of books to choose from on Amazon.  But, books are generally not produced in as large a quantity as booklets are.  If you’re an author selling booklets only to individuals, you may not stop to realize that there are companies printing booklets in the hundreds of thousands of copies, and some even print in the millions.

So yes, there is a ton of money to be made in the booklet category of writing.  And, because few authors take advantage of it, it’s quite easy to break in and make a killing.

Second, you most certainly can and will receive the same noteriety and prestige writing a booklet as you would with a book.  I must admit that when I began my own booklet adventure I wondered about this myself.  But, I pursued it anyway because I could see the money on the table and I cared far more about making a lot of money than I did about my ego.  But, I’ve found that writing a booklet does give you the same expert status and prestige (whether you want it or not!).  Nobody has ever looked at one of my booklets and dismissed it as something of lesser value because it was smaller than a book.  In fact, I’ve found that people want my booklet even more because it isn’t a full length book.  They want the facts in an easy to read, consice manner.  They appreciate that they don’t have to read through tons of material to find what they really need.  And, the businesses I deal with also appreciate my booklets because they are small.  This makes them easy to distribute to consumers.

Third and last, as to who buys booklets, businesses buy a great many of them but the public will buy them as well, as you can see from the booklets offered at the grocery store checkout on a regular basis.  There are also booklets being offered to consumers in bookstores.   The truth is, anyone who wants your information or who wants to distribute your information will buy your booklets.  My own booklets have sold to both individuals and corporate institutions.

Booklets may be a new idea to you, but they are an idea worth looking into and considering.  There are millions of dollars in the booklet trade and those millions are being shared by a handful of us in the industry.  Wouldn’t you like to have a piece of that pie?

To your riches!


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2 responses to “Your Booklet Questions Answered

  1. Do you know if the whole “_____for Dummies” title is trademarked? For instance, could I use a title for one of my booklets that said for instance, “Dancing for Dummies,” etc?

    • I’m pretty sure it is, but I’m not positive. I do know that different authors write for the “dummies” theme, but all the books seem to be produced by the same publisher.

      There are plenty of other words you can use instead. Have you seen the “complete idiots” guides? This is a different publisher who tried to get in the on the “dummies” phenomenon. So, you can’t use “complete idiot,” either.

      How about Dancing for Dumb bells? Dancing for Dodos? Dancing for Ditzes? Dancing for Dorks?

      Good luck!


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