How To Use The Down Economy To Your Advantage

The economy’s in the dumpster.  Yeah.  Ok.  But, did you know you can use that to your advantage as a booklet author?

Today I talked with a gentleman who is with a company that is a perfect match for my booklets.  He is very interested in making the booklets available to their customer base.  But, due to the economic slump, their sales are down and they are not able to purchase printed copies right now.  No problem!  I suggested we put the booklets online.  He loved the idea!

This was an easy sale to make and it’s all because I was flexible in how I could deliver the product.  Some experts believe that if you create printed copies of your booklet and also make them available online, you’ve got two different products.  I disagree.  I believe you have the same product, but two different ways to offer it to your market.  And the more flexible you can be in terms of how that product is offered, the more likely you are to make the sale.

There are two basic ways you can deliver a booklet – online or off.  Within those two categories there are a number of ways your booklet can be offered.  One way won’t fit everyone’s needs, so the more ways you have to deliver your booklet, the more sales you can make.

I know this gentleman will purchase hard copies from me later when things are better at his company.  But, in the meantime I’ll enjoy a check for the online versions of my booklets.  I used the bad economy to make a sale, and when the economy is good again I’ll use it to make another.  You can do the same!

To your riches!


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