How To Avoid Post Production Grief

You’re manuscript is finished and you’ve proofread it several times.  It looks and reads great, so you’re ready for production, right?  Wrong!  What you need now is a pair of fresh eyes to look over your work.  Why?  Because you’re too close to it to see it objectively.

When you have someone else read your manuscript you gain a new perspective of your work.  It’s a chance to see what your readers might think if you produced and published your manuscript just the way it is.  This gives you the opportunity to correct errors and tighten your text before it goes public.

I recently asked a friend of mine, who also happens to be an editor, to look over a manuscript I had completed.  Although I had scrutinized the manuscript myself several times, she was able to find a handful of errors I missed and make some suggestions as to how I could make the text look better for the reader.  I admit I had a few spots where my text ran on longer than it should have, but there were some ways, other than simply breaking up the copy, that I could make my text appear more appealing.  My friend gave me some great ideas I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.  After reading through my text so many times, I started to see it as a finished product and I wasn’t able to come up with any new ideas.  Getting a fresh pair of eyes made a huge difference in the final product, and it now looks much better as well as being as error free as a human being can possibly make it.

You’ll probably want to have more than one person look over your text, including a professional editor if your grammar and punctuation skills are a little rusty or need a little help.  The old saying “Two heads are better than one” is certainly true.  But, when it comes to your manuscript, having a few people read it over will save you alot of post production grief.  There’s nothing worse than having your freshly printed booklets arrive only to find that there are several errors you missed or that the text just doesn’t look appealing.  Your booklet is an extension of you as an author and business person, and it must appear professional and appealing.

To your riches!


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