How To Go From Rags To Riches In 2009 With Booklets

Welcome to 2009!  I’m so excited about the year that lies ahead!  It’s an opportunity for new writing, new deals and more riches!

Hopefully, the start of this new year finds you in good spirits and as eager as I am about what this year has in store.  This can only work to your advantage as I truly believe that attitude is everything.  No matter what may happen, or what circumstances you are in at the moment, if you have a good attitude, a positive outlook, and you’re willing to make some changes, then your circumstances will change for the better.  Even if everything is just rosy, with a positive attitude things will get even rosier!

Some people go through life thinking just the opposite – that they are born unlucky and that good things come to a few lucky people.  They have an outlook that is dismal.  Everything happens to them and it’s all bad.  Nothing good ever comes their way and if it does it won’t last.  These people never look for the silver lining because they don’t believe there is one for them.  The believe they have no power over their future or what happens to them.  It’s all luck of the draw.  Chance.  So, they stay in their low paying jobs and never advance because they don’t believe they can.  The sad thing is, nothing could be further from the truth.

You and I both have what we have because of our attitude toward life and work and money.  If your outlook is generally positive, you’ll find ways to weather the storms as they come.  If not, you’ll find plenty of people to complain to about the storms, but you’ll be tossed about by the winds because you don’t think you can change things.

All you need in order to start changing your circumstances is one good idea.  That idea will lead you to the next idea, and pretty soon you’ll have a plan.  Then, you can begin working your plan and change will begin to happen.

All of this can be related to life in general, but it is easily related to booklets.  At some point, you got the idea to write.  You knew you wanted to write.  Then, you got an idea for a topic.  But, you still need a way to deliver your information.  Now, you’re here and you’ve learned about booklets as an option.  Booklets are a good idea.  But, will this idea become part of your plan?  And will you act on that plan, write your booklet, and make change occur for you in 2009?  I hope you will!  Then, you’ll be the one looking forward to new deals and more money in the new year!

To your riches,


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2 responses to “How To Go From Rags To Riches In 2009 With Booklets

  1. Hi I’m a young woman 22 years old. I’m struggling in my life so hard i always try to think positive. I come from a family that has nothing and I really dont want to be like that, now i have a child of my own and its so hard. I look at life like you said at the top but what can i do to show the world my gift and to have nice things and stop wondering but doing. Im real creative can draw tell wonderful stories and i want to make cartoons and movies. I just dont know how to get started how to get noticed, I have no money really. Thanks for reading my comment.

    • Hi Chandra!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! When I began my booklet journey, I was really struggling too. I remember wanting to buy my two year old daughter a $13.00 coat for the winter at Wal-Mart and I couldn’t afford it. And when I went grocery shopping I would take a calculator with me, and if I went over my limit I would put items back on the shelf. That was not only embarrassing, it felt degrading. But, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and took charge of my situation, and so can you!

      The best place to start is right where you are. What do you want? You’ve got to know the answer to that before you can begin. So many people can’t answer that question and it keeps them trapped right where they are. Do you want to create a booklet and build a business around it? Do you want to create alot of booklets? If you’re interested in creating a booklet you’re in luck. You don’t need a ton of money for that. I started with nothing.

      It took me two weeks to write my first manuscript. Then, I didn’t have the money I needed for production so I had to get creative. I went through my house and collected everything I thought might be of value on ebay and I sold it. Next, I went through all my books, cd’s and DVD’s and weeded out the ones I didn’t want, need or use and I sold them at a second hand book store. After that I went through my children’s closets and took all their clothing that didn’t fit but was in good, used condition, and I sold them to a children’s resale shop. I had a garage sale with what I had leftover. All of this gave me enough money to get my booklet produced.

      You can do what I did, or you can offer your drawing talent to others to earn the money you need to get your booklet created. There are plenty of places online where you can offer your services for hire. There are always people looking for someone who can draw, such as authors who can write but need an illustrator for their book, and business owners looking for someone who can create a logo.

      If you really want it, you can find a way to do it. Consider what you have to offer, and the different ways there are for you to offer it. Decide to begin, and don’t let anything stand in your way.


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