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Are Other People’s Advice Keeping You Poor?

Have you ever accepted someone’s advice, only to later find out they were completely wrong?  Just about everybody has had this happen to them, but if you learned to be more careful of who you accept advice from, then you came away from the situation with something of value.

I’ve certainly had this happen to me.  In fact, back when I was new to publishing and marketing, I paid business advisers and consultants who took my money and gave me very little in return in the way of counsel or advice I could actually apply in my situation.  And since these people didn’t offer a money back guarantee, I lost the money I spent on their counsel.  This taught me to seek out better advisers and be more careful of who I give my money to.

Today I’m well educated in the industry, but I still find that certain people around me love to give advice.  Yesterday a family member emailed me to give me advice on how she thought my website should look.  She has a close friend who is a website designer, and she felt that my website should look more like the designs her friend creates.  She never mentioned sales and she knows nothing about marketing.  She just wanted to help me “pretty up” my website.  I just laughed because I used to think the same way she does, before I really understood sales and marketing.  I know she was only trying to help, but I also know that if I followed her advice I would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

I’m sure you have family members who do the same thing.  They give you advice whether you’ve asked for it or not, and whether they really know what they’re talking about or not.  What they’re really giving you isn’t advice at all.  They’re giving you their opinion.  And while it’s ok to listen to what they have to say, you should be very careful before following what they tell you – unless they have a track record of success in the area they are giving you an opinion on.

Today I am a consultant for people like you who want to publish a booklet.  But, unlike the advisers I once had, I offer a money back guarantee.  If at the end of our time together you don’t feel my advice was helpful to you I will refund every penny you’ve paid.  Honestly, I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I kept your money and you were not happy with the service I provided.  I mean it.  I would not deserve to keep your money if you were not happy with my counsel or I was unable to help you.  Why do I do this when other consultants don’t?  Because I know how it is when you really need help, and these consultants take your money and then fail to help you.  I’ve been there, and I don’t think it’s fair.

If you’re anxious to get going on your booklet and you have some questions and would like to schedule a consult with me, the fee is $149.00 per 30 minutes.  I believe you’ll find that a bargain given the amount of information I can give you, and all the time and money I can save you as you venture forward.  No sense re-inventing the wheel, right?  You might as well learn from someone who has been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt – and now sells the t-shirt at a profit!  If this sounds good to you, please leave a comment here on the site and I’ll contact you to schedule you in.  Remember, you have nothing to lose with my money back guarantee.

In the meantime, if you’re going to take advice from someone, make sure they know what they’re talking about!  Otherwise, have a good laugh, tell them thanks for caring, and move on!

To your riches!


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Is This Habit Keeping You Poor?

How’s your new year going?  Are you moving right along,  getting things done and achieving your goals?  Are you working toward having the riches you desire – more time with your family, maybe a nice vacation and more of them, and of course, more money in the bank?

Or, are you worn down by the daily grind, constantly wishing things would change but unsure how to set the right things in motion to reach your dreams?

If the first paragraph describes you, keep going!  If the second paragraph describes you, get going!

Someone once said that procrastination is the habit of the poor.  It’s easy to imagine yourself having the career of your dreams, sending your kids to the best schools, taking exotic vacations, living in a big house and sitting by the pool doing business by cell phone, banking thousands of dollars.  And while I agree with the “anything you can believe you can achieve” concept, and I believe that your imagination is the first step in achieving your dreams, it takes more than imagination to get you there.  You’ve got to take action.

If procrastination is the habit of the poor, then action is the habit of the rich.  Everyday you have a certain number of hours in which you can take action toward realizing your dreams.   But, you also have a choice.  You can either take action, or you can put it off.  Most people put it off and keep putting it off, until eventually they run out of time.

Knowing the right course of action isn’t always possible.  Sometimes you just have to get out there and give it your best shot.  Fortunately, though, when it comes to booklets, you can have everything mapped out for you with my easy to follow, no fail system, which will be available very soon (watch this blog for the big announcement!).  The product has been completed and the website is in development as of this writing.  I promise I’ll let you know the moment it’s done so you won’t have to wait one second longer!

It’s time to stop procrastinating and take action to make YOUR dreams come true!

To your riches!


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How I Made Money Without Even Realizing I Was Doing It

Yesterday I was reminded to check on how one of my booklets was doing at a website I currently have a licensing deal with.  In this particular deal, I make 50% of every sale.  The money is put into an account which I can access from a special part of the website.  This particular website has many such deals with different publishers, so they’re set up to keep track of publisher accounts.

I must admit I’ve been rather lazy about checking my account to see if there have been any sales.  I’ve been busy with other things and this website isn’t on the top of my mind.  But, I checked the account yesterday and sure enough, there were some riches there, just waiting for me to transfer them to the bank!  It’s like going to the closet to get your coat and finding money in one of the pockets you didn’t know you had!

What’s really amazing to me is just how easy it is to make money online with a booklet.  I remember the pre-internet days when it was really tough to make a buck.  Now you can make money while you sleep!  You can even make money without realizing it – as I found I had yesterday.

Someone once said it takes money to make money.  Doing that deal didn’t cost me a dime.  I didn’t have the expense of creating that website either.  All I had to do was say yes to allowing them to offer the booklet for sale to their customers.  That’s it.  They take care of the rest.  Nothing could be easier!  I didn’t even have to ship anything because they only offer my booklet as a download!

If you’re starting out with very little money, selling online is a great way to go!

To your riches!


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The Riches Are There – You Just Need To Mine Them

Have you thought about writing a booklet on a particular subject, but you didn’t follow through because you thought your idea wasn’t good enough?  It’s easy to take your own knowledge for granted.  You’ve acquired it over time, or learned it through study, and now it’s second nature to you.  It’s easy to assume nobody else would be interested, or that your information isn’t special enough to be put into a booklet.  But, that’s just not true.

No matter what your particular expertise is, whether it is work related, hobby related, family related, or other related, there is always someone else who doesn’t know what you know and would be willing to pay in order to get that information.  For example, look at the subject of childbirth.  Women have been having babies since creation.  You’d think we would all know everything there is to know about that by now.  But find a woman pregnant with her first child and she’s going to childbirth classes, reading about different methods of childbirth to learn her options, studying child rearing methods, and maybe even reading articles about how to get her child into the best pre-school.  She’ll probably read and research everything she can find about birthing, raising and feeding children.  And it will all be new information for her.

Even a mother who is pregnant with her second child will do some reading and research.  She may want to know how to show her first child that they are just as important as the new baby.  She may read information about how to foster a close relationship between her children, how to have a vaginal birth after a c-section, how to raise children in the absence of a father if she is now divorced or widowed, how to make more money so she can help support her growing family, and other related information.  It would be easy to assume the second time mom would know it all and not be interested in information about birthing and childcare, but again that just isn’t true.

This example applies to just about any topic you can think of.  There is always someone else who doesn’t know what you do.  Even something as simple as grandparenting can be the subject of a booklet.

Never under estimate the value of what you know.  The riches are there.  You just need to mine them!

To your riches,


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How To Make Money The Easy Way

Some things in life are hard….finding a job, living paycheck to paycheck, writing a book.

And some things are easy….eating ice cream, playing at the beach, writing a booklet.

Yes, writing a booklet is easy.  Whether you’re already writing, or you haven’t started yet, you can write a booklet!

If you’ve established yourself as a writer by writing articles, you’ve got material for a booklet.  One article can easily become a booklet, although you may need to expand it just a little depending on the length.  But, articles are not the only thing that you can turn into a booklet.

Do you have a blog?  A blog would make an excellent booklet.  Of course, you’ll have to choose which posts to use because if you’ve had your blog for any length of time, you’ll have more material than you need.  But, more material means more booklets.  A series!

Are you a note taker?  If you’ve attended classes or seminars, or if you’ve prepared a presentation, these can all be the basis for a booklet as long as your passionate about the subject.

Even if you aren’t an established writer or you’ve never written anything like an article or blog post, you can easily write a booklet if you want to.  There’s really nothing to it!  You don’t need any special expertise or any kind of degree, and you don’t need anyone’s permission.  All you need is a subject you’re passionate about and the desire to see your name in print!

I started out writing a book.  That was hard.  Then, I decided to write a booklet instead.  That was easy!  Now I have six of them!  You can too!

To your riches,


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Book Author Says Yes To Booklets To Make More Money

Recently I met a book author/speaker who has traveled nationwide and sold a fair amount of books.  She told me that although she does ok with her book (she sells to schools), she hasn’t done as well as she would like to.  She was wondering if there was some other way to sell the information in her book.  Oh, yes!  There is!

I told her that she could take each chapter of her book and create a booklet from it.  Her book sells for $15.00 per copy, but she discounts it when schools buy from her because they buy many copies at once.  If she were to take her book and turn it into a series of booklets, she would make much more money for the same information.  She liked the idea!

If this author’s book has twenty chapters and she were able to create a twenty booklet series, she could sell those booklets for $7.00 each, possibly more since they contain highly targeted, industry related material.  Now, her twenty chapters are worth $140.00 all totaled, instead of the original $15.00 price.  And, she can still offer a discount for the bundled series, but even with the discount she’ll be money ahead with the booklets as opposed to her book.

Since this author’s material is already researched and written in book form, it will be a snap for her to create the booklets and raise her income.

How about you?  Would you settle for $15.00 or $20.00 when you could get $140.00 for the same information?  I didn’t think you would.  It’s pretty much a no-brainer isn’t it?  Write a booklet, make more money.

To your riches!


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What The Book Publishers Never Tell You And Why You Can Make 10 Times More Money With Booklets

There are many good reasons for writing and publishing a booklet, but the best reason of all is the amount of profit you can make from it.  Unlike traditional publishing where you submit your work to a publishing house, and unlike traditional self publishing where you must find a distributor, when you publish a booklet you are in control of how much money you make per sale.

If you were to submit a manuscript to a publishing house and they accepted it for publication, they may or may not pay you an advance up front.  If they do, that advance may be the only money you ever see for all of your hard work.  And if your book doesn’t sell, you may be responsible to pay that advance back.  If it does sell, often your royalties from sales will be withheld until your advance has been recouped by the publishing house.  And, if there are sales of your book, you will receive a small percentage of the net sales price once the advance has been recouped.  Rarely do publishing houses pay percentages of the gross or actual retail selling price.

To illustrate this, let’s say your book is priced by the publishing house at $20.00, but the net price after expenses is $10.00 per book.  Most publishing houses pay around 6% in royalties, which in this case would net you about .60 cents per book sold.  That means that for every 100 books sold, you would earn $60.00.  By contrast, on that same 100 books that are sold the publishing house will make $940.00, or $9.40 per book once your .60 cent royalty is paid. Oh, and did I mention that you will be responsible for nearly all the marketing of your book in order to make it a success?  So, you give the publishing house your book, they make most of the money, and you do most of the work.  That’s a pretty dismal arrangement, isn’t it?

Now, let’s say you opt to self publish your book and you want to make it available in bookstores.  In order to do this you must go through a distributor, and distributors are very picky about which books they will accept.  They are even more picky when it comes to new authors.  One of their criteria is price.  If your book isn’t priced about the same as competing books in your market, the distributors won’t be interested.  If it’s priced too low they won’t make any money.  If it’s priced too high they don’t believe it will sell, and again they won’t make any money.  This means you are at the mercy of the distributor as to how much you can get for your book.  You have to play the game by their rules or you’re out.

The true freedom in being a published author comes from being able to set your own rules and your own pricing.  And this is what you can do with a booklet.  You won’t have to worry about a publishing house determining your price and paying you a tiny percentage.  And you won’t have to be concerned with meeting the demands of a distributor.  And, since your costs to produce your booklet will be a mere fraction of what it would cost to produce a book, you can make far more money per booklet sold.  You will be able to determine your own price, and nearly all of it will be profit in your pocket.  Instead of making .60 cents per booklet, you can make $4.00, $5.00, $6.00 or even more per booklet sold.  Now, you’re making as much as $600.00 or more per 100 booklets sold rather than only $60.00.  I think that’s much better, don’t you?

You can’t get rich when someone else controls the purse strings.  You need the freedom to be able to price your booklet as high as you can, as much as your market will bear, so that you can make as much money as you can.  You can’t do this through traditional means, but you can when you’re the boss – which is exactly what you’ll be with a booklet!

To your riches!


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