How Keeping Score Helps You Do More

Happy New Year’s Eve!  As 2008 comes to a close, are you happy with all you’ve accomplished over the past year?  If you’re like most people, you’re probably more focused on what you didn’t get done than what you did.

Something I like to do is to write down my accomplishments as they happen, kind of like keeping score.  Then, at year’s end I look at them.  It’s amazing to see how much I actually DID get done, which gives me inspiration and fuels my momentum to do even more in the new year.

Another reason I like to keep score of my accomplishments is that it helps me to see what is left to be done.  It gives me a direction to go in for the new year, and from there I can build my plans for my products, my marketing and my businesses.

And finally, when you write down your accomplishments, you have a record of what you’ve done.  This will help give you credibility because you’ll have all you’ve done written down close at hand, and you won’t have to try to remember it all spur of the moment when you need it.  When the times comes you can use that credibility to open doors for you that may have been closed to you previously.

Give it a try.  Focus on what you accomplished.  What you still need to do will reveal itself, but don’t worry about what didn’t get done.  Instead, look at all you did over the past year and let that give you the momentum to out-do yourself in the next year!

All my very best to you for a rich new year!

To your riches!


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