E-Books Rise In Popularity Is Good News For Booklet Authors

Did you know that the e-book has been around for 10 years?  Yep.  And it’s finally beginning to gain momentum as a viable reading alternative.

In the past, e-books were thought of as free information.  They were called e-books, special reports, guides and mini courses.  And while the e-book has many names, it’s popularity has grown thanks to Kindle.  Now, people are paying for e-books.  These are not the cheezy little reports that you might find as a download from a website, but real “books.”

Personally, I don’t know if I would ever want to have all my books only in e-book form.  Why?  Because I’m a highlighting addict.  I highlight the most important parts of all my non-fiction books.  And since I never read fiction, aside from a bedtime story for my youngest child, I prefer my books be printed on paper.  But, there is a growing population that prefers e-books on a portable device and this is wonderful news for those of us who self publish booklets.

Creating a booklet as an e-booklet is easy to do, and depending on your marketing strategy and your particular niche, you may not need printed copies at all.  If you do require printed copies, you can use the e-booklet to test your market and see how receptive it is to your product before you have hard copies printed.  You can also make the e-booklet available in addition to your hard copies, giving you more chances of a sale or having something extra of value to offer your customers.

While I love the smell of fresh ink and the sight of newly printed booklets, I also have my titles available in e-booklet form.  It costs me nothing extra to do, and it gives me another way to deliver my product.  I recommend you do the same.

To your riches!


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