How A Man Living In A Tent Became A Multi-Millionaire Writing Booklets

During the great depression, a young man who was penniless and living in a tent came up with a great idea.  For the past few years, he had been collecting information on unusual ways people make money, and he thought he should put that information into a booklet.  His name was George Haylings.

George walked to his local pubic library to research and find the information he needed to make his booklets complete (he called them “treatises” and sometimes they are referred to as special reports).  He then typed his manuscripts using his manual typewriter.

George’s first booklet quickly became two, and then three as he continued to create new titles.  His booklets sold because they were timely and dealt with something that was on everyone’s mind – money!

It wasn’t long after George began his booklet adventure that he had enough titles to create an entire catalog of booklets for people to choose from.  By now, George had moved out of the tent and was making quite a hefty sum of money for his day.

After the catalog was created and booklet sales were still going strong, George wrote a book and created a home study course which skyrocketed his sales.  In the end, he became a multi-millionaire and it was all because of an idea for a booklet!

What George did is just as relevant today as it was then.  People today are still hungry for information that pertains to them, and right now in the midst of the economic recession booklets that help people find ways to make some extra money will do very well.  But, even if your booklets don’t deal with financial issues, your information will sell as long as there is a market for it.

If your curious as to the booklets George created, here are a few of his titles:

  • 125 Ways to Make Money With Your Typewriter
  • Discovered! 505 Odd Enterprises
  • How to Make Money at Home
  • Small Business of Your Own
  • You Can Own a Business
  • Vacations Unlimited: A Retirement Kit Comprising Plans, Data and Secrets Dealing With Early, Successful Retirement
  • Profitunities: A Most Unusual Book
  • Easier Ways To Easier Dollars
  • Little-Known Ways To Lifetime Profits
  • Hidden Dollars

As you can see, nearly all of his titles dealt with the one thing that was on everyone’s mind – how to make more money.  And notice that although his booklets all deal with the same topic, he comes at it from different angles with each new title.  This was how he was able to get repeat business.  A customer would buy one title, and then want the next one because it dealt with the same topic.

If a man who was penniless and living in a tent could profit from a booklet and go on to become a multi-millionaire, how much better can you do?  After all, money may be scarce but you probably are not living in a tent.  And you’ve probably got a computer to do your writing on, whereas poor George only had a manual typewriter.  I imagine it must have been quite difficult trying to type when his fingers ached from the cold.  He had no heat in his tent.

If George can do it so can you!  George was a man with a vision and the will to see it through.  How about you?  Will you see your vision through to the end?  Will you keep going?  Will you reach your goals?

To your riches!


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2 responses to “How A Man Living In A Tent Became A Multi-Millionaire Writing Booklets

  1. Very inspiring story that gives many ideas!
    Thanks, Gary

    • I’m glad you liked it, Gary. I do my best to make this blog both a source of information as well as a source of inspiration.

      Thanks for reading!


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