How To Get Content For Your Booklet When You Don’t Have Enough

Are you worried that you can’t come up with enough content to fill up a booklet?  Many people have this fear, but it’s an unfounded one.  It’s another excuse that’s holding you back from achieving your goals and getting your riches.

You can’t possibly know just how much information you’ve got until you start writing.  Once you do begin writing your booklet, you’ll probably find that you’ve got more information than you thought you did.  In fact, you’ll most likely have enough information for two or more booklets.  This is what happens to many writers when they create a booklet.  They have so much information that they can’t fit it all into one booklet!

If it does turn out that your information falls short of 16 pages, that’s ok.  You can get information from other sources.  The internet is a viable resource as is your local library.  You can even go to the bookstore to find more information on your subject.

Also, there are some simple ways you can add to your information without having to write an entire page of text.  For example, in my Simple Tips & Recipe series, I have included several lists as well as a page of tips which readers will find helpful.  These were easy to do and took little time to put together.  I felt they were a natural and necessary part of my booklet’s content.  You may find that including lists or tips will naturally go with your content too.  Or, you may decide to include them as something extra.

Another thing you might include in your booklet is a check list.  If a check list is relevant for your topic, by all means include it.  However, don’t add one just for the sake of adding it.  Be sure it has a true purpose for being included and that it would be useful to your audience.

How about a photo or two to liven up your pages?  Photos are great in how-to booklets when they show how to do something or how something should look.

A page that lists resources for more information is another possibility for you to include.

Don’t think of your manuscript as a big, long writing chore.  It isn’t.  It’s a helpful resource.  You don’t have to have tons of text.  You just need to have enough helpful information to have a marketable product.

Now that this excuse is erased, you can start writing!

In my next post, I’ll deal with the mother of all excuses!

To your riches,


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