How To Get Rid Of The Evil Time Sucking Vampires That Are Robbing You Of Your Writing Time

Today’s world is a fast paced one.  We’ve got only 24 hours in a day, and about a third of it we spend asleep.  The rest of the time is spent frantically rushing from one activity to the next, trying to fit everything in.  And somewhere, in the midst of it all, you would like to write a booklet – if you only had the time.  If this sounds like you then listen up, my friend, because you’re about to lose the no time excuse.

The reason you rush around and live such a hectic pace is because you aren’t planning your time.  What you need is a simple plan for some organization.  What I’m about to reveal to you can work for anything in your life as well as your writing, so pay attention!

An easy way to solve the time crunch is to block out a certain amount of time each day for your writing.  If you’re working a nine to five job and you’ve got children, you might want to block out an hour before work in the morning or an hour after the kids are asleep at night.  Or, you can use your lunch hour if you have a quiet place to work uninterrupted.  If you’re not working a nine to five job, you’ve probably got more time than you think you do.

Every day there are evil, time sucking vampires that literally rob you of precious minutes which add up to hours.  Once you are aware of them, you can deal with them quickly and efficiently and get more time out of your day.  Let me give you the most common ones.

The first one is the telephone.  This evil time sucking machine can interrupt you at any time without warning.  It rings and you feel compelled to answer.  Stop that right now!  Unless you’re expecting an urgently important call, you do not have to answer that phone during your writing time!  Unplug it if you need to, because chances are it’s your best friend Gladys or your Aunt Mary just calling to catch up.  Let her leave you a message (you DO have an answering machine or service, right?  If not, get one!).  You can get back to her after your writing time is finished.

The next one is your cell phone.  Like the telephone, it can ring at any time.  But this one’s even worse because you can also receive text messages, and while they may seem benign, they’ll rob you of even more time than a conversation by voice.  Why?  Because it takes longer to text than it does to speak.  Your best bet here is to turn off your cell phone during your writing time.  My own cell phone is turned off nearly all the time, unless I’m expecting a call or I need to make one.

The third is your email.  How much time do you spend reading and answering email?  If you’re like most people, you probably spend an hour a day or more.  It’s time to do a little email clean-up.  First, you need to get rid of your email notifier if you can or if you have one.  This is the little widget that pops up on your screen each time you get a letter in your in box.  I used to have one of these and sure enough, every time it would pop up I’d be curious to see what came into my in box, so I would have to go look.  Then, I was hooked.  I just had to deal with that mail right now.  This is bad!  I got rid of the notifier and now I deal with email just once a day.

After getting rid of your notifier, you need to start looking at the mail that comes to you and unsubscribe from anything that isn’t vital (No, that does NOT include this blog!!! :-).  I’m talking about advertisements from department stores and certain bookstores that like to inundate you with email.  Get rid of it.  You don’t need to spend your time reading their ads.  The only email you should be getting should be personal or business related, or it should be truly useful to you in some way.  The rest needs to go.

Getting your telephone, cell phone and email under control should easily allow you to block out at least an hour a day for your writing.  Maybe you’ll even be able to block out two hours a day.  So, no more excuses!  You do have time to write.  You just need to write instead of doing some of the other things you’re doing – things which won’t be nearly as profitable for you as getting your booklet on the market!

In my next post, we’ll hit another excuse right outta the ball park!

To your riches!


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